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I keep meaning to post and meaning to post, but I open up the window and stare at the blank screen and go "...fuck it" and go do something else. Like play Threes on my iphone (OMG addicting game).

The foot surgery went fine, despite me being moved from the much-less-expensive surgical center to the hospital proper because my BMI was too high. The hell? Yes, I'm overweight and working on it, but I will defy you to find a "thin" person who has better bloodwork, etc. than I do. *sigh* I had pins sticking out of my toe for a month, and I had to wear a boot-thing, then stiff-soled sandals for another 2 weeks, but it is now a pretty darned happy foot and I'm back to my regular routine at the gym, etc. Which is good since I need to be in good condition to visit San Francisco in July!

The house continues to be scary but wonderful. I mean, I get compliments on it ALL THE TIME, and so far nothing major has gone splooey. We had a nice heavy set of rainstorms last week and since I put up my redneck retaining wall* on the side of my driveway that gets all the runoff from my neighbor's roof, there was no water in the garage afterwards! I need to add some concrete to the base of one of the poles on my chain link fence in the back yard since it's rusted out right at the base and frankly the money isn't there to do a major repair. I may do that tomorrow if I get up early enough for it not to be a damned sauna outside. I finally caved and turned on the AC, probably for good for the season, last night. The humidity was just too gross and I couldn't sleep.

I have changed doctors; I'm no longer seeing my brother. Which is good as I get the impression he's been phoning it in for quite a while. My new guy seems OK; he never mentioned my weight and gave me a couple of suggestions about why I'm having "hot flashes" when there is no way I'm going through menopause yet. (Heartburn, who'd've thunk?)

Also, I have moved all of my LJ entries over here, so if you have a DW account and I'm not in your circle, can you add me? I don't really trust our Russian Overlords not to get taken down by Putin.

* There was a pile of that cheap scalloped concrete brick in the back yard, which got moved in the rain because I am crap about planning ahead sometimes. It looks junky, but you can't see it from the street and it seems to be working so far. I'll replace it with something nicer as soon as my budget permits.


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