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 Ugh, I suck at LJ nowadays. I'm mainly on FB and tumblr but I miss the conversations, you know?


I go back into the hospital tomorrow (Tuesday) to get Yet Another Knee Surgery. It seems that the base (tibial) part of my left replacement has decided to shift in the bone, causing my knee to bow out and put a lot of weird stresses on my lower leg, foot, hip, lower back, etc. I'll be in the hospital for 1-3 days, depending on how well I respond to the surgery. My money's on 2 days. :-) Then I have 6 weeks of recovery. Good thing I went back to cable!

So, one would assume that I have wisely spent the last 4 days productively, cleaning house, etc. Wrong! I was vending at WhoFest in Dallas.

I got to meet Eve Myles--she came by my booth on Friday. She was planning on coming back but had an unexpected set call so I didn't get to sell her anything. (FYI, she's lovely and has very good taste in perfume.) BUT I also met Wendy Padbury, the second Doctor's Companion, who not only won a set of my buttons at the charity auction, she came by the table on Sunday and bought a pair of Dalek earrings!

I also discovered that there are actual See's Candies stores in Dallas. I kept myself to one box of dark chocolates. I'm so good. :-)

Today I slept late, and my body has been telling me all day just how much it a) hates the fact that I've been off my arthritis meds for the week before surgery, and b) how much I overdid it this weekend. I picked up cat food and some things I need for the recuperation, and now I'm doing laundry and contemplating vacuuming the house.

But by this time tomorrow my leg should be pain-free. So there's that.
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