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Really, I'm not. I often say "The last bug that bit me DIED", and I haven't had to take more than one day (knee surgeries excepted) off for illness in over a dozen years. It was the flu then, and it's the flu now.

I already had a doctor's appointment to refill my scrips, but by noon I was feeling pretty terrible. I went in, mentioned my symptoms, and my doc said, "It's the flu. Get this filled and go home." So I hit the grocery store and went home. 

Yes, I got my shot. But that was back in September/October. It may have worn off or I caught a variant. So far it's been pretty mild--some fever, headache, sore throat, lower back ache (though that seems to be over), some sinus clogging (mostly my ears), and a Complete Lack of Brain. Seriously, [personal profile] dremiel  texted me to see if I wanted anything and I could not decide on what crackers I wanted. I just could not. I stared at my phone for a solid several minutes before I told her to get me whatever. 

THIS IS VERY ANNOYING. I just found out that I have a show next Saturday (8th) and I have to get some things done. I've been lounging around (well tbh, it's either been really cold or I've needed to Get Shit Done Around The House), and haven't rebuilt my inventory. I'm going to try to get some coin stuff done today, which mainly involves putting holes in things.

Also, I am trying to train to walk the Capital 10K. This will be my first race-like thing ever, and I'm doing it to celebrate my new knees and newfound strength. Luckily my company will pay my entrance fee, since good walking shoes are expensive. Very expensive. I know it's only 6.2 miles, but I really need to build up my endurance. [personal profile] dremiel  and her son will walk with me, which is going to be a huge help. And my trainer wants to come cheer me on--if he can spot me, they had 18,000 people participate last year.

So, bleah.


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