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As I was sayin' to [ profile] wolfshark the other day, this was the kind of year that made you want to decapitate it, burn the body, and bury it at a crossroads with a stake through its heart. I'm just sayin'.


Ups: Obama! The carpal tunnel surgery was an unqualified success. People liked/bought my jewelry. I still have a job. Miraculously, none of my relatives died. My sister seems to have (finally) gotten her act together. While I didn't lose any weight, I didn't gain any, either. My blood pressure seems to be under control...and I finally talked to my doctor about my depression. So far, the meds seem to be helping, though I've been having issues with nosebleeds.

Downs: My best friend's brother died suddenly. My nephew has turned into an 18-year-old asshat. We lost a bunch of really talented people. The economy continues to suck. Work, while there, continues to bore and annoy me on a daily basis.

Media happiness: Criminal Minds, Supernatural, NCIS, Middleman, Leverage, Eureka, Burn Notice, True Blood, Dr Who, Iron Man, Wall-E, Cloverfield, Nation.

Media sadness: No more SGA, probably no more Middleman. Heroes. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

Resolutions: Only two. 1) work out at least 3 days a week. 2) Pay off the smaller credit card. That's it.

Tonight: Pizza, cable TV. Tomorrow: Tamales and black-eyed peas. Friday: Back to work.

Thankful for: All of you! You rock my world!
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Let me preface this by saying I am not a practicing Christian of any flavor. :-) So, no fasting on Ash Wednesday, etc., etc. (Sorry, [ profile] dremiel!)

Lent always struck me as "Resolution Lite". It's only 6 or so weeks, after all! Much easier to handle for the tough ones.

I'm giving up fried food. I did this several years ago, but the siren call of fried shrimp lured me back in. This will help with my overall resolution* to get healthier this year; I'm already working out on a regular basis, and I'm making a real effort to avoid bad snacking.

Hee! Pancakes!

*I actually set my New Year's resolutions by the Asian (lunar) New Year. It just feels easier. Plus, I can get over the holidays before I start anything new.
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Things accomplished today:
Cleaned kitchen, including interior of fridge
Really cleaned the cat box--emptied, scrubbed, refilled 
New shower curtain and liner up
Burned copies of First and Second Season Dr Who 
Ordered swimsuits
Brought in plants (hard freeze tonight)
Put up, threw away, cleaned up all over the apartment

Still need to:
Take down holiday lights
Cook pot roast
Call YMCA and get membership
Clean out cabinets
Get the car washed

Start and keep on a workout program (see swimsuits and Y membership above)
Eat more like an adult
Update the website
Get my jewelry into local shops
Get more sleep

...we'll see how these pan out. I hope you have an excellent New Year.



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