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I now possess a license plate frame that says "Plays with FIRE."

Leverage Season 2 comes out this week. :-) :-) :-)

Had a pretty productive weekend, mostly of the cleaning and sleeping variety. Did not make it into the workshop, which means I have to get the wedding jewelry started as soon as I get back from San Jose. Good thing I work well under pressure.

Ripley the Wonder Cat reeeeally needs a roommate. Mr Pegasus has many kittens, which would entail a trip to Dallas. Hmmm.

There was a minor kerfuffle about needing a carry-on large enough to accommodate the CPAP machine + 4 days of clothes until I discovered that medical equipment, including CPAP machines, does not count against your carry-on allowance. Score!

Now I must procure TAA-sized things for my dop kit. Target, here I come.
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I was at work at 7:15 this morning (shut up, [ profile] wolfshark !) to conduct software training via phone and Net Meeting to a couple of really nice writers in Bangalore. I would have left work at 4:15 (making up time for leaving early for class two days a week), but we had a Quarterly Business Meeting. Kind of a pointless meeting, since we will be hearing everything that was Power Pointed to us today at much greater length tomorrow at the company-wide meeting.

And I get to get up and do it all over again on Thursday. Oy.

On a better note, the show on Saturday went swimmingly, despite the Nephew not showing up to help me unload/setup. When I finally reached him he was very, very apologetic and when he showed up that evening he really did the lion's share of lifting and toting for me. (So I relented and took him to see Iron Man 2 along with my friend G. It was very fun and you must stay through the credits. I made a very embarrassing noise at that little extra bit, lemme tell ya.)

I had two very nice things happen to me on Sunday (not counting seeing RDJ in Iron Man 2):

I called a local radio station, hoping to find the name of a song I'd heard on Saturday--which made me laugh so loud I almost drive off the road. The DJ took almost 15 minutes going through Staff Picks, etc. to find it for me, to no avail. But he tried, and told me when to check back on their website to find it. After the movie I moseyed over to the box office to ask if I could get anything back on the 2 tickets I'd bought for a show the day before and didn't use. I got rainchecks! Woo hoo! Movies! (It probably helped that I was polite about the whole thing, since I honestly didn't expect anything back.)

Now I need to decide--do I bake something for the last day of jewelry class or just buy a bunch of sno cones on the way in?
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I got up way too early (6:30) in order to get to the Gem & Mineral Society Swap Meet. One of the organizers very kindly offered me the use of 2 tables under her tent so I didn't have to spend all day out in the sun.

I did a massive cleanout of my stone beads and the remaining teeny weeny seed beads that I used to use in cross stitch, as well as assorted stuff that I either don't use any more, or I bought and discovered I had no use for. I sold about 2/3 of the bead strands, all my old colored copper wire, all my extra trays, and a good chunk of my extra geodes. I even sold one of the pieces I made today to keep my hands busy!

Then at the end of the show, one of the members (who sells these really amazing cabochons), asked me what I wanted for all my remaining bead strands, plus some other stuff. His wife had just had their 4th baby, and he knew she needed something to mess with for a couple of weeks. So I told him, giving him a decent deal, and he wound up trading me this crazy amount of credit (which I promptly used to get some really nice stones).

I also scored a complete copper/enameling beadmaking kit (making enameled copper beads with a torch sounds like fun), and a couple of amazing freeform cabochons from another seller, who now wants to talk to me about coming over to the Lab and having me give him some soldering pointers. Which would be cool. And several people have asked if I want to teach wire wrapping at the clubhouse, which I think I can swing late this summer/early in the fall. Which would also be cool. And I got rid of the broken rock tumbler that had been residing on my living room floor for far too long.

So I came back with less than I left with (score!) and more money than I started with (double word score!). Then I went and killed a lot of monsters in D&D.

All in all, a good Saturday was had.
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Finally set a stone correctly in my stonesetting class!

I'm going to [ profile] dremiel 's son's bar mitzvah on Saturday!

There's a new PC Hodgell book out!

Britex Fabrics is still in San Francisco! (Between them and Otto Frei, I will be spending way too much money when I go there in June for my friend's wedding. And I will be very glad of an extra suitcase...)

I think it's finally spring! All the live oaks decided to start dropping their leaves last night, anyway.

I will see [ profile] pentapus  next week!
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...are idiots.

Case in point:

This morning , on Facebook, a friend posted a link to a really cool Cthuhlu-themed ski mask. I re-posted it, and mentioned in passing that I would love one.

Sent the link to [ profile] dremiel via YIM, with the note that it would be perfect for her son. She agreed. Loudly. :-)

I mention on FB that I really want it for [ profile] dremiel 's son. Another friend posts that she kinda-sorta knows [ profile] dremiel  through LJ and she'd love to make the mask and did I want to go looking at yarn on Saturday?

Meanwhile, I'm copying and pasting between YIM and FB. Yes, they do know each other from LJ.

Once again, the theory that I know everyone on the planet is vindicated.

And a really cool 13-year-old will be getting a Cthulhu ski mask. :-)

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Go me! It only took me about 2.5 hours using TurboTax, after I'd spent about 2 hours getting all my paperwork in line a couple of weeks ago. Now I wait for my refund (Smaller than it should be; I'm sorry, what $400 tax credit?).

Went to the coin show today and kind of spent more than I should have, but there were ones with rabbits on them! And orangutans! And crocodiles! And even one with a cat, which is pretty hard to find. Now I have a lot of coin cleaning to to, which I will try to get done tomorrow while I'm cleaning the apartment and catching up on White Collar and Dollhouse.

Regarding Project Runway? I am soooo glad she is gone. (Name not mentioned to keep spoilerage down.)

Stonesetting--the class--is indeed kicking my butt, just as I predicted. Being exact and precise is very very hard for me. I'm very loosey-goosey about a lot of things, but you really can't be in stonesetting. At least I don't have to buy anything for it.
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Argh. Tired.

Let's see. I started my stonesetting class this week, and it looks like we'll be able to get a lot of things done, since half the class is signed up for Stonesetting and the other half is doing Special Topics.

We had our Talent Day at work, and I set up my jewelry, got a lot of nice compliments, and was told to set aside several things to be picked up and paid for tomorrow (since we aren't allowed to sell at the show). Didn't win Best Booth--got beaten out by the woman who brought her loom and was demonstrating weaving--but at least I didn't lose to the gal giving away cupcakes!

I set aside the three pendants that were won on [ profile] help_haiti. I'm sending one off this weekend but I have yet to hear from the other 2 winners.

I need to make a cake tonight for a coworker's birthday, and this weekend I really need to do taxes. I like to do them early to get them done with and out of the way. I still need to buy my hideously overpriced tax software, though, so it may be next weekend.
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...just not much has happened since the holidays. I've gotten some cleaning done, gotten some reading done, and over the last week I've been trying to stay warm.

No resolutions this year, but here's a look at what I know I'll be doing this year.

I'll be starting a stonesetting class at the community college next week, and I'll be taking a one-day copper etching class in April. I want to take metal casting in the summer, and then a class on precious metals in the fall (I don't normally take fall classes, but it's the only time this class is offered.)  The fall shows will make taking jewelry classes interesting....

I hope to be in a couple of shows this spring, then no shows over the summer--too hot! I have a wedding to go to in San Francisco in June, and The World's Best Niece and I are going to ComicCon in July. I will remember to apply to the Blue Genie Christmas Bazaar this year, and I will finally get my Etsy store up.

Plus shows for Pegasus (Memorial and Labor Days, North Texas Irish Fest, etc.). Looks like a busy year!
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I hope you and yours have an excellent 2010.

*hugs flist*
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So last night I got the Christmas lights up on the balcony and the bushes under my front windows. Still don't have the tree up, but I may not bother with that since it's just me and the cats. Though I did buy some kickin' ornaments--rocket ships, a blaster, and some robots--to go on my LED silver tree from Tar-jay. It was 73F then.

This morning it's 35F with the wind chill. The wind is supposed to be very strong and gusty today, but so far it hasn't been.

What I have to get done today:

Make side dishes for dinner tomorrow (green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole)
Mail off sister's present since she couldn't come at the last minute
Go to Blue Genie Art Bazaar with The World's Best Niece
Wrap presents
Feed/check up on 2 sets of animals for friends
Christmas eve with friends
Put a dog from above inside for the night, since it will freeze
Cover my plants (see above)
Pick up more sinus meds because I CANNOT BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE

...guess I'd better hop to it, then. Y'all have a great Christmas, y'hear?
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For the last week I've been going straight to the workshop to finish up Christmas commissions. Literally, I would leave work (detour to friend's house to feed/pill cat), grab sandwich, go to workshop, work until 9:30 or 10:00 every night. No shopping, no nothing. And that unheated workshop is quite chilly when it's only been 40F that day. (whine, whine) I mailed off one commission (which I won't post pics of until I get permission), and handed off the other on Saturday. Mailed off the BFF and his family's presents and bought all the stocking stuffers.  Did some self-indulgent shopping at Central Market (at this time of the year is there any other kind at a high-end supermarket?), and went and killed lots and lots of monsters in D&D. Now I'm cleaning my workroom pigsty of an apartment, so I can get the tree up and the lights on the balcony before I eat dinner with[ profile] dremiel . Oh, and laundry, gotta do laundry.
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Done this week (so far):

Dr. appt (and chest x-ray)
Bathroom cleaned
I replaced a headlight bulb on the car
Started enamels--cleaned and ground copper pieces, holes punched, base clear enamel on 20 pieces
Cleared path/cleared area for workbench move-in
WORKBENCH MOVED into the workshop, along with the metal bench my brother gave me (Nephew did most of the heavy lifting)
Bought cat food/cat litter
Took visiting sister out to Half Price Books and spent a lot of money on her
Bought 3 more Christmas presents
Acquired Supernatural seasons 2-3 at Best Buy ($15 each)

Still to do:
Finish all enamels
Move things into the workbench
Make lots of other things at home (wirework, mainly)
Go out to Thanksgiving dinner with the fam
Feed a friend's pets
Contemplate buying a Blu Ray player and a DSi.


Oct. 26th, 2009 05:59 pm
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I have no idea what it was that was attacking me, but I have a memory of calling in sick to work this morning, and not waking up until 2. As in PM. *facepalm* I must have been fighting off something I picked up at the Austin Gem & Mineral Society Show, where I was face-to-face with hundreds of little kids. Yay immune system!

I feel much, much better now, and have managed to watch 2 episodes of Jeopardy and dye a shirt pink for the office Halloween celebration on Thursday.

I did get quite a bit done jewelry-wise this weekend. I plan on going back in this week to make enamel earrings and maybe another nautilus pendant! I'll get pictures up tomorrow. Now I need to get some wire work done.
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Just got notified that I'm on the waiting list for the Cherrywood Art Fair. Go me. No word yet from Wheatsville.

Had a great dinner last night with [ profile] dremiel. She was virtuous and had the noodle salad while I said to heck with it and had chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. Then on the way home there was a space in front of Amy's Ice Cream, so I took that as a sign and had a coffee ice cream hot fudge sundae. (Just a teeny one, though.)

Cold front blew in (literally) last night. Thunder was so loud at points I had to rewind parts of Supernatural to hear the dialog, which was creepy and fit what was going on on the screen a little too well. :-)

Plans for the weekend:
Make bat earrings.
Make pendants.
Get some pics up on the Etsy website and start pushing that.
Get bracelet finished for [ profile] pentapusand necklace finished for [profile] e_moon60.
Go see Zombieland with my friend G at the Alamo Drafthouse as a belated birthday dinner.
Mail off birthday presents for assorted kinfolk.
Clean, etc.
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I remember the Apollo landing. I guess in LJ years, that makes me an official Old Fart. :-)

I was 5, and I had just gotten back from Houston where I was visiting my dad, sister, and the younger of my two brothers. (My parents divorced when I was 2.) My 5th birthday party had been memorable--one of the kids in the apartment complex managed to fall through our sliding glass patio door. He wasn't hurt, but we all still vividly remember my 5th birthday!

It was late for me to be up (after 9!) but Mama told me I should, and she sat on the sofa with Grandma, and I lay on the floor in front of our big old console black and white TV, and watched. To me, it was neat, and I liked listening to Walter Cronkite (I miss you Uncle Walter). For me, it's a fond memory, one I can bring up with a little bit of pride.

It was much more important to Mama--she was in her early 40's, not much younger than I am now, and she'd been reading science fiction for most of her life. For her, this was it. We were on the way to the stars! I remember her being so excited, and my Grandma being utterly thrilled--she remembered the Wright Brothers, you see...

But for Mama...I wish I'd had the chance to talk to her about it as an adult. She's been gone almost 18 years now, and I still miss her. I miss the conversations we never had, and now we never will.

Wow, this wandered off track. :-)

Happy 40th Moon Landing Anniversary!
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here ....and you know who you are. *cough*

The way woot works: it's only $10 today (no shipping), but they will make it available in a week for $15.  They put up a new shirt every day, and they hold themed contests.

I'm wearing this shirt today. It was one of the finalists in the Fake Band competition.

I managed to get out of the house this morning without my bookbag. I was up too late again last night; my contract with the website people ended and they wanted me to work on a last few articles. Then I had to go meet the people whom I'm dogsitting for next week (Sam is a huge Great Dane, very sweet), and send another book out via Amazon Marketplace. I did get to watch some of the All Star Game, which was nice.

While I was grocery shopping, a funny happened: I was picking up my bags and I heard the cashier giggle; a woman's voice replied, "It's not what it looks like!". I turned, and coming down the little conveyor belt: whipped cream, strawberries, and a coil of rope.  :-D

I will be in Killeen Fri-Sun (yay) for a little anime con. It's juuuust close enough that I'm driving back and forth every day. Hopefully I will sell many shirts.
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I'm in a quandary.

My lease is up at the end of June, which means I need to decide if I'm moving out pretty quickly.

I mainly want to move to have a real workspace. As I've said before, the management gets nervous when I say "propane tank" and "open flame soldering". But duplex rents haven't really come down much here in Austin--our economy and house prices have been relatively stable. (So far, anyway.) At least apartment rents are on the way down. Maybe I can find one I don't hate with a garage. I've been informed that my rent won't go up this time (there's a first), and maybe I can talk them into a slight decrease...

I've applied for space at a couple of artist's spaces, namely the Pump Project. They do charge for space, but a shared space is only about $90/month...which is just barely affordable. If anyone can think of another place, I'll be glad of the referral.

I can always get another 9 month lease and move next spring if I have to. Hmmm. Anybody have any opinions on this?

And does anyone have a FAQ on crossposting to DW?
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I seriously wanted to go to the movies with my friend R and [ profile] dremiel today...but I have the Violet Crown Festival on the 2nd (next Saturday!) and I spent most of the day cleaning and re-tagging most of my jewelry. I still have more to do, but it shouldn't take me too long in the morning. I also pulled what I wanted to wirewrap for the show--we'll see how much actually gets done. :-)

I do want to make a couple of necklaces and some more earrings, plus a couple of coin bracelets using some of the goofy car wash/game room tokens I picked up.

Got to game again tonight. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to be a low-level character in a not-totally-familiar system (for the record I still think D&D 4.0 is terrible). And the folks I'm gaming with are very nice--most of them work at my company, or used to. We were fighting off goblins and totally almost got our butts kicked. It was great. :-) And I ate entirely too many brownies and chips, not to mention the Slurpee I bought on the way over.

For lack of anyone less competent, I have wound up as the wrangler to get people to sign up for the Enameling Special Topics class at ACC. Normally in a jewelry class we might have 3 people in Jewelry Techniques II, 3 people in Chasing & Reopussage, and 3 people in Precious Metals II (the mix in my class), We're trying to get enough people to all sign up for one class for the 8 week summer session so it can focus entirely on enameling, which would rock like a rocking thing. (ACC will give us almost anything--except more space. It is very frustrating.) Hopefully we can make it work, though it will make for a loooong two days a week, since the class would run 5pm - 10:20pm.
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All due to [ profile] pentapus, I have a Dreamwidth account. I'm lillian13 there as well.

Avenue Q was a blast last night. I now have a "The Internet is for Porn" t-shirt. :-)

Now I'm hoping for rain.
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...literally, you can smell--and for while this morning--see the smoke from the Oklahoma/North Texas fires. The wind changed direction overnight and it's now blowing in from the North, bringing that lovely "just-burned-grass" smell. Hopefully this next front will bring us some rain.

Watched The Unusuals. Didn't realize it had Joan from Joan of Arcadia, Michael from Lost, and Penn from Angel in it. I enjoyed it quite a lot, and I've added it to my watch list. The writing is very good and the acting is top-notch. Worth seeing, before they get tired of it not making a bazillion dollars from the get-go and pull the plug on it.

I've also gotten into Dollhouse. The first episode was bad, but I mainlined the next 6-7 last weekend and it's really very interesting, and I can watch Eliza Dukshu all day, frankly. She's obviously having a swell old time in the role.


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