lillian13: (Default) goodness, I have been remiss in posting.

I am now walking much so better; only limping when I've sat too long and stiffened up (or when I'm tired). I finally have a halfway-decent-fitting swimsuit so I can start water aerobics next week at the Y in order to build up strength and flexibility in my left (non-surgeried) knee. It's still giving me fits, even though a cortisone shot to that knee a couple of weeks ago really helped.

I am working on a 115-piece commission for the World Science Fiction Convention--the committee for next year's show in San Antonio is providing my enameled pins to everyone nominated for a Hugo or a John W. Campbell award this year. So far I have 30 pieces finished and will get another 15 done on Sunday, and I hope to keep to the 15-per-week schedule so I can get them done in time to make new work for ArmadilloCon. And then the Austin Craft Riot has a show in August...and since I've already committed to run the Pegasus table at Anime Overload, I can't do the Austin Flea this time. Phooey.

My new workshop space is working out splendidly. My landlady has a portable AC unit in the garage and we've bonded over all sorts of things, including BBQ and pie. I'm still rearranging tools and I'm having some friends make me a smallish sturdy table that I can hammer and do chasing on. (And if anyone wants to get me an awesome birthday present, I could use 5-6 lbs of medium pitch from Northwest Pitchworks...)

Movies: I've seen The Avengers THREE TIMES (and would see it again!). Saw Prometheus. Still don't know if I liked it or not, but boy was that ever a Ridley Scott movie! MIB3 was pretty good; Brolin does an amazing Tommy Lee Jones. Cabin in the Woods was a great deconstruction of a horror movie. Waiting on Brave, Magic Mike, Savages, Spider-Man, The Bourne Legacy...Batman not so much.

Saturday: Went to the coin show today and came back with some doozies, including an Elvis coin from the Marshall Islands and a couple of amazing ones from Bulgaria and Russia and Greece. Got bread and peaches and tomatoes and mini pies at the farmers market and then I did the base coat of clear enamel onto 30 pin blanks. Hit Whole Foods for dinner and called it a day.
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Three weeks ago today I went into surgery. Today I went on errands, drove my car, took out the trash. I'm still a little wobbly when I walk (mainly due to knee muscle issues), so I keep my cane with me. I need it for long distances, but I'm doing much better for short walks. Most of the scabs are off my knee, but the ones on the bottom third are still there. The PA said that's where they had to do a little more work to get the pieces in--which is more information than I really wanted, actually.

My friends T & L sent me chocolates from here. They are wee and yummy! The new Sookie Stackhouse book is out! I know what I'm doing tonight and tomorrow (after PT).

I'm going to take the car in to get detailed tomorrow; I'll use the gc my nephew gave me for Christmas. It really needs it. Hopefully doing this will cause it to rain.

I got my teeny piercing put back in yesterday. I hadn't been able to get it back in on my own and I went to my piercer. It took her several tries, so I'm glad I went back to a professional! She's a nice gal and if I decide to get anything else pierced I will definitely go back to her.

Going back to work on Monday. I'm looking forward to it. Daytime TV, even with my 3 months of HBO/Cinemax etc. sucks. I've cleaned out my workshop and I'm going to get some stringing done that I've been putting off.

Started a pinterest page under my name; feel free to follow or not as you will. :-) If you have one let me know too!

PT, Yay!

Apr. 25th, 2012 08:34 pm
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I had my last in-home PT session today, and she graduated me to my cane! With any luck I won't have to use the stupid walker any more. I was able to get into my outpatient PT place today for evaluation and I start therapy tomorrow. My lovely friend G was able to give me a ride at the last minute.

I will still try to take my full 4 weeks off, since I want to be in decent shape when I go back to work. I plan on driving to the PT session, since it's less than a mile away and I desperately want my independence back! My friends have been AMAZING with rides and deliveries but by golly I want to get back into my car.

I'll probably be nice and sore tomorrow, but I'm ready.

And if you haven't read Let's Pretend This Never Happened yet, you should do so immediately.
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I saw my surgeon and his PA today, two weeks to the day from my surgery. (In celebration I wore this shirt.) Both were impressed with my progress, which I call a great thing for a fat girl! I got the go ahead to send the cpm back to the rental company; they will pick it up later in the week (though they stopped billing me as of yesterday).  Now have a prescription for my PT outpatient therapy. Right now I'm scheduled for evaluation on Monday but I'm going to call back tomorrow and see if I can get an earlier appointment--I don't want to waste a whole week!

Did I mention that my coworkers sent me the cutest possible flower arrangement, with daisies and roses in a smiley mug? I'm taking that mug into work and tormenting them with it; it truly is that freaking cute.

I did two loads of laundry yesterday and changed my sheets. I am very proud of this, since last week my friend G did my laundry and helped me change the bed. Small improvements, but constant ones. I am free to start driving whenever I feel comfortable, so of course I will start driving in the parking lot tomorrow. ;-) I plan on going out to a movie as soon as possible, too.

So, in conclusion, \o/

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It's now been 10 days since the surgery!

The incision is looking good; only a couple of drips from the bottom sometimes. The bruises on the back of my calf are turning that lovely yellow shade, very visible in the sunlight. MY PT person took me outside this morning to see how I would do on uneven ground and I was just fine.

After [personal profile] dremiel  came by with amazing veggie empanadas, bean salad, and watermelon (and teeny biscotti!), my friend L picked me up and we went to the International Gem & Jewelry Show downtown. After some adventures in parking in downtown Austin, we were right next to the entrance closest to the show (I called the convention center to find out). Went to the 2 vendors I was there to see--my cabochon dealer and a local findings vendor--with a side trip to one with good looking copper stampings that I may add to my gear earrings. In and out in about 40 minutes, which is something of a record for me!  Hit Schlotzskys on the way back and now I have my knee up with a cold pack on it. Will get on the CPM in a few minutes and catch up on my Pratchett (Tiffany Aching rules).

My friends have made this whole process bearable. [personal profile] dremiel , [personal profile] tx_cronopio (om nom nom nom thank you!). L, G (for doing my laundry!), [personal profile] tsarina . [personal profile] tehomet , for the card! My amazing sister-in-law. Even my goober cats.

I'm getting better and better every day. Thank you for all of your support!
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Called my doc's office today and talked to the nurse. I need to be in the CPM 6 hours a day; I got given the OK to take off the huge bandage and I have to wear the gross white support hose most of the day.

[personal profile] dremiel  came by with lunch and fruity goodness and chicken! We had a nice long visit and the cats got thoroughly spoiled with all the attention. My friend D dropped by with an amazing dinner and gave me some scar care advice and thoroughly spoiled the cats. (I'm seeing a trend here.)

Then my brother came in and helped me take the bandage off. Eeew! The incision is almost 8 inches long. The skin on top of my knee is numb, which is really weird feeling.

Tomorrow the physical therapist is coming over as well as my friends L and G at various points during the day. Between all my visitors and my CPM time I'm actually pretty darned busy. And I need to change the bed and wash things.

Still no real pain, just muscle aches.
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It's been  a long day. I probably had about 5 hours of sleep altogether, Staff and such were in and out all day--PT, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition, etc. [personal profile] dremiel  came by and brought me chocolate and tea and grapes and lotion! J&L came by to check up on me and brought me a teeny Squishable bat (so cute).

I have been amazing everyone with my skill at getting up and moving about (with a walker). I'm motivated! The whole point of all this was to get MOVING again and I'm doing everything I can to help that along. My brother wants me to spend a couple of days in rehab after I get released, but I'm doing so well the insurance company will never approve it. :-)

I brought books but I'm a little loopy due to my pain meds. Thank goodness for free wireless in the room. Catching up on FB and LJ is about the extent of my attention span.

...OK, I just dozed off again, time for bed.
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Getting last minute things done all day. Sold the onyx pendant when I posted it on my FB page, so I had to get that in the mail. Which involved me going to the storage unit, getting the pendant (and a box), and rearranging the show bins. Picked up a housecoat/robe thing at WalMart (which is where you buy these things) so I don't show my butt to the ward when I'm up on crutches. Took out the trash, bought more cat food, cleaned out the cat box, emptied the dishwasher, etc.

Finished reading John Dies At The End, a seriously warped novel about demons and dogs and friends who tell penis jokes. Actually it is about none and all of those things and is easily the most ambitious first novel I've read in a long time. Not for everyone, though, by a long shot.

Packing up the few things I'm taking--couple of books and magazines, my laptop, iPod, phone, clothes to wear home, and so on. I should be released Friday the 13th. Leaving the house at 6:30 am to get there before 7:00. Surgery is at 9:00 and I may be posting by the afternoon, but don't freak out if you don't hear from me until Wednesday. All depends on the drugs!
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Three hours at the hospital this morning for pre-op stuff. Insurance, anesthesia, pharmacy. blood draw, urine sample. Then 1.5 hours of What To Expect After the Surgery, which would have been fine if two of the other joint replacement patients hadn't been complete Entitled Snowflakes.

The one next to me (left hip, Monday), kept bleating "I'm allergic to codeine!". Yeah, lady, so am I. I told the pharmacy nurse and the anesthesiology nurse and they made notes and it's OK. Why did you feel the need to bring it up with every person that came in to talk to us? The physical therapist? Really?

The one to the right of me (left hip, Wednesday, and coincidentally the only man having surgery in this bunch), kept muttering "Well, my wife is an RN. And MY doctor said.." You know what? My BROTHER is a DOCTOR and while he's a great family practitioner, he's not a surgeon. Yeah, he and his wife (an RN, buddy), have given me some great tips. But I'm here to listen to what the hospital nurses have to say. Since they, you know, specialize in this stuff. Please, both of you, quit interrupting every two sentences to ask questions they're going to answer in a few mintues! Lord love a duck, they were annoying.

Then I had to wait for 30 minutes for the X-ray tech to come down and shoot film of my chest. I treated myself to lunch at Central Market afterward. With cake.

That's over and I have to be there at 7am Tuesday. Apparently, like flying, you have to be at surgery 2 hours early. The Amazing Sister-in-Law will wait for me with my computer and my iPod and my books so I don't go insane for the 2.5 days I plan on being in the hospital. Feel free to call me starting Wednesday morning and if you're in the neighborhood feel free to stop by.

I do have a show in Burnet tomorrow and Saturday, then I get to see [personal profile] nwhepcat ! Whee!
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Got the go-ahead phone call from the insurance company today. Faxed off my meds list to the hospital. The Amazing Sister-in-Law came over on Saturday and Vacuumed All The Things, and moved stuff out of the way so I'll have a clear path for crutching around. I picked up a couple of cold/hot gel thingies at Target and I went to the storage unit and moved things around so that I can just put the bins I use for the show in there on Saturday so they aren't in the way in the apartment. Tonight I move all the jewelry and displays from the broken box to a new box, and clean the cat waterer.

But none of that matters, because we HAVE A NEW AVENGERS TRAILER! Short, but you see more of the team.


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