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Only 2 more days to bid on jewelry at Sweet Charity! C'mon, people, these earrings retail for $45! Will you let them be stolen--I say, stolen--for a mere $10? Bid now!


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I have a pair of my handmade sterling solver earrings up for grabs at the Sweet Charity auction and right now they are being stolen for $10. Please keep this unforgivable crime from being committed--bid today!
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And I have some earrings here for your consideration and bidding. Bid early! Bid often!
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I'm selling TWO custom badge/ID lanyards over at Sweet Charity. I'm only one of two folks selling jewelry, so you can just click on the category to find me.

Bidding starts at ~$10US, beacuse they are just that awesome.
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 Whew. Busy weekend. Wasn't expecting that.

Went to see Iron  Man with [personal profile] dremiel, her son, JW, and JW's son*. My Not-So-Inner Outer Fangirl was Very Pleased. And yes, STAY THROUGH THE ENTIRE CREDITS. (Especially if you are an Old Skool Fan and got all the in-jokes.) I was also able to distribute some free books left over from the Nebula Awards. As my note to my sister in her box of books says, "When I get free books, everybody gets free books."

I have been to several bookstores and have even more books to read, along with the Free Books.

I finished both of my Sweet Charity lanyards, and I will get them out this week, as they both go to the UK. 

I went to the Pecan Street Festival with the World's Best Niece, bought some excellent pasta, a dragon, a shirt for the World's Best Nephew (graduation is coming!), cool metal magnets, donated money to the Friends of the Austin Planetarium, had tea&lemonade and chicken on a stick. I felt very virtuous about not buying kettle corn or anything fried. Then we went to Central Market, bought veggies and gelato, and I handed her More Free Books. Made plans to get the new pictures for my website done next weekend--really for sure this time!

I'm now doing laundry after finally vacuuming the apartment. I am a bit pink from being out in the sun for 3 hours. I  may cook later. (feels very accomplished)

I gakked this link from [personal profile] killerweasel: Why your Friends are not Watching the Same Show You Are.

* I am especially amused with myself, as I looked up at 11:40, yelled "Holy crap!", dove into the shower, dressed, stopped for cash, and still made it to the theatre 10 minutes before the show started. Nice to know I can still accelerate if needed.


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