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I had the great pleasure of meeting Terry Pratchett several times, not just at autograph sessions but also at an epic Texas barbecue dinner here in Austin at the Ironworks*, where we watched this small man inhale vast quantities of meat. The next year, at WorldCon in San Antonio, he spotted me and complained that the BBQ pork ribs at the County Line on the Riverwalk simply weren't up to snuff.

He once called me a “procurer” for pursuing him for permission to do GURPS Discworld. Then he grinned at me and thanked me. (I was the art director on that one.)

He used to hang out on and and make comments. (Ah, usenet!)

I am very glad he got the opportunity to die on his own terms, at home with family and his cat.

I’m going to miss him and his very singular voice and commentary so very, very much.

* On a book tour in 1998 or so. He came to Austin and had an interview on KUT radio (our local NPR station) with John Aielli. It was scheduled for one hour and ran to three. (I just tried to find it, but it hasn't been archived anywhere.) Then he had a book signing at the late, lamented Adventures in Crime and Space bookstore, and we all piled into cars to go to Ironworks. It's an old-school place on Waller Creek in downtown Austin. That man could seriously pack away the food.


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