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Saw the oncologist today. He was very reassuring. Not a talk-down-to-you type of specialist, thank goodness. He figured out pretty quick that he could speak to me like an intelligent adult.

They drew blood, because he wants to test the T cells that were spotted in the lymph gland tissue.

If they are all one type of T cell, that possibly means cancer, and they'll want to do more tests and such.

If there are several types, that means there was a general inflammation of the lymph gland for whatever reason, and we just keep an eye on it from now on. 

So, after a very nice chat with the phlebotomist (five vials of blood!), I went back to work. I'm glad I'd gotten a ton done this morning before I left, because I got jack-all done the rest of the day. It was a weird combination of relief and exhaustion. I came home and cried and made myself eat dinner and then just vegged out in front of the TV. I've been doing that an awful lot lately, but I have had zero mental motivation to do anything, really. Even go into the workshop, which is annoying. I can feel myself trying to slide into depression again and I really would rather that not happen, OK?

If I don't hear from the doctor by next Monday with the blood test results, I'm supposed to call him. Here's hoping I'll hear from him before then.

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