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I have my schedule tentatively mapped out. I know I'm going to Wootstock on Thursday night and the Slasher's Dinner on Friday. I am donating blood at noon on Thursday. Friday and Sunday I will be camped out in Hall H. Hoping to meet up with [personal profile] crimsonquills  for dinner or breakfast sometime. I have a short list of things folks want me to look for (let me know ASAP, guys!). Still need to grab a poster tube or two and doublecheck that my carryon bag will indeed fit inside my larger one. Apartment needs cleaning. Getting a trim tomorrow since I don't like the way my latest cut is shaping up.

Cut for whingeing about Evil Knee )
...sorry about that, sometimes I just need to vent. Anyway, if you have reasonable requests from Comic Con (I'm looking at you, [personal profile] dremiel !), let me know ASAP. I like having goals when I shop.
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Weird up-and-down week(ish).

Up: I came back from California to discover that my sister-in-law (all praise her name) had CLEANED MY APARTMENT. I mean CLEANED, as in mopped the floors, put things away, reorganized my kitchen, dusted I first noticed it when I walked into the kitchen and wondered why it was so bright in there. :-)

Down: My knee was giving me seven kinds of hell all week from all I put it through at KublaCon and afterward. I missed my workout Thursday morning due to exhaustion and my Evil Knee being recalcitrant.

Up: Saturday I went to the farmer's market and ran some errands with my friend L. Got leeks, eggs, bacon, carrots, and bison. Visited the LEGO store in the mall. Went to gaming. While I was gone, my amazing sister-in-law (all praise her name) got a friend to come over and run my U-Verse cable up across the ceiling so I wouldn't trip on it any more. While he did this, he set up a wireless network in the apartment and she added a wireless printer. \o/

On Sunday I saw X-Men United. Great movie. Slashiness off the charts. Could have done without some of the non-entity characters and more X-Men history.

Down: Had to stand in line for almost an hour. Lost an earring at the show. Knee really gave me grief, so much so that I took Monday off. Work this week has been dull, annoying, and monotonous. Running three crappy errands last night almost put me in tears, my knee hurt so bad. Had a crying jag this morning. Haven't lost any real weight in the 20 weeks I've been in the HEED program.
Up: Blood work from my checkup is excellent! Ordered some more shiny tools to try coloring coins with permanent inks. Bought myself flowers. Have read some very good books: Super Freakonomics, Ghost Map, The Lizard King, Flower Confidential, and Fuzzy Nation. I also reread Sunshine. (I read a lot when I'm flying and I've been on a shortish non-fiction kick lately.) Bought my ticket to the Comic Con Slasher's Dinner.
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My emotions have been all over the place lately. I'm coming to grips with the realization that I will never walk quickly or (probably) without some kind of a limp again; I may never walk a long distance without pain again; going down stairs will never be easy again; and walking as a form of exercise is now off the table completely. The damn knee stiffens up if I sit too long, which will make long flights very amusing.

more whingeing under the cut )
*sigh* sorry to be such a whiner.
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Well, I had my final follow-up with my orthopedic surgeon today. In summation:

I probably will never walk any real distance comfortably again. Walking is now no longer part of my exercise schedule.
Got a new knee x-ray. There is pretty much no cartilage whatsoever in the inside part of my right knee. No wonder it hurts to stand still for any length of time! Or, you know, walk.

When I told him about Comic Con he wished me the best of luck...I'll have to plan my activities very carefully to minimize huge amounts of walking.

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Yesterday really took it out of me. I was out in the heat all day. Sales were mediocre. I drank huge amounts of water, ate a popsicle, and was really wiped by the end of the show. [personal profile] tsarina came by to see me and bought a bolo tie--thanks!!

Since I loaded the car out of order (I had kept my bins in over the week and loaded my tent and weights in last), I forgot my chair and my clothespins and my sales book. *sigh* The show provided me a chair, my friend L brought me clothespins, and  I used an old notebook I found in my cash bin as a sales book. The Square attachment worked like a champ just like last time. My friends J & L helped me take down the tent and pack up, which was wonderful. (The World's Best Niece and the OMG!Boyfriend backed out of helping since she was feeling poorly.)
Had a lot of lookers and a lot of compliments, but not nearly as many sales as I had hoped for. I think a lot of it had to do with the new venue; normally we're in a neighborhood park and lots of people can just walk to the fair. This time we were in an on-again, off-again farmers market space and the parking situation was pretty dire. Add in a pretty darned hot day...

When I got home I dove into a nice chilly shower and just flopped. Today I saw Thor (lots of fun, be sure to stay past the credits), ran a couple of errands...and flopped. I have not done anything to get my bedroom ready for furniture tomorrow, so I'll have to wing it.

And I finally caved, closed the windows, and turned on the air conditioning for the summer.
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Busy, busy week.

Monday I was off work, but I was running errands and paying bills and buying sneakers and doing laundry and all that.

Tuesday I was in my coppersmithing class until almost 9, trying to make up time on my piece. (And my instructor wandered in from his other class to check on me and the other student in there, looked over my work and said "You managed to fix all the problems! Bad ass!")

Then Wednesday I was trying to get all the End User License Agreements--you know, that crap everybody scrolls past to click "Accept"--for our flagship software finished for the Legal department. I was there until 7:30, since no one had bothered to have me take a look at the English document before it was sent out to the translators, so many mistakes were propagated seven times. Then I baked a cake for an office birthday and ordered some shiny new jewelry-making toys out of my profits from World Horror. mmmm, shiny.

Today I will probably be at class late again, though hopefully not as late as Tuesday, since I had my workout this morning and I've been up since 6 am. And I need to put a couple of bracelets together.

Tomorrow I need to run to the bank and get change--should have done it on Monday--and load the tent and weights into the car. I never bothered to unload my bins on Sunday. I also should enamel at least a few things for the show.

Saturday is the Violet Crown Spring Festival, and The World's Best Niece and the OMG!Boyfriend have promised to be there to help me set up, at least. If you're local, come on out and say hi!

Sunday I start moving things out of my bedroom and measuring to see which of the dressers I'm taking from my moving coworker on Monday will fit and which will go to Goodwill. And hopefully, cleaning, since the apartment is a total pit. Maybe I'll go to see Thor instead.


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