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Well, I asked and was gifted: the Austin Municipal Court rescheduled my court appearance for the 14th of July. So I don't have to spend half of my birthday dealing with traffic court, which is awesome.

Birthday plans continue apace--if you live local to Austin and want to come, the party is at Mr Tramps on July 10 from 7-9. Presents totally optional but loved (as I am 12).

I now have new glasses! They are very hipstery:

Yes, that is chain detail at the temples. I am such an old metal nerd.

POSTCARD CALL! I'm going to San Francisco in a couple of weeks and I'll be finding and sending postcards. Let me know if you want one. (You can message me your address if you've never gotten a card from me or if your address has changed in the interim.)

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Awakened at 3:30 am in order to make a 6:15 flight. Did so without incident. I upgraded to a seat with more legroom to accommodate the brace, and boy was I glad to have it!m

Out cabin steward was a hoot and a half. He put on this enormous sponge clown nose during the pre-flight lecture and made these hilarious sweeping arm movements to show exit doors, etc. Then when we landed, over the intercom we hear, "Waaaait for it, waaait for it", when the seatbelt sign went off he added, "...and release!" which made everyone crack up. I told him I was stealing him to take back to Texas, but he said his wife wouldn't go for it.

Logan airport is very large and confusing. That is all.

Got to the hotel to find a veritable mountain of boxes waiting for me, a large portion of which contained unfolded shirts. *sigh* I spent the next 4 hours opening boxes, folding shirts, and trying to fit everything on the tables. While wearing my &^%* brace.

Went to set up the cash register and such. No power cord for the credit card machine was to be found. Searched all of the empty boxes, then went through every pile of shirts. Mr Pegasus swears up and down he packed one. Show security volunteer sees me panicking, asks if he can do anything, then he volunteers to go try and find a 9V adapter for the machine. I vow eternal gratitude, but when he comes back a while later, he has had no luck.

In the meantime, I called R, another person who sells for Scott. He told me to send the guy to Radio Shack and told me exactly what he needed to ask for. Another person (actually the dealer's room coordinator), went out for me (after we called to make sure the damn thing was at the store). Came back later with an adapter that works! Then I discovered that the credit card machine is stuck in store-and-forward mode, and it won't settle the sales. I'll fix it tomorrow.

And FOUR MORE FREAKING BOXES OF SHIRTS showed up this evening. FML.

Going to bed now. Very very long day today.
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These Pride flags were flying everywhere in the downtown Financial district. Made me very happy.
The trip was great. It's been something like 10 years since I just took a vacation where I wasn't working or didn't have some huge family obligation. It was very refreshing to only have the wedding as my real obligation. I went all over the place and spent some money and had a great time. (Some more pictures I took are also up on Flickr.)

The wedding was great, and I'll post some pics from that later on. Very short wedding (4 pages from the Book of Common Prayer) in a lovely chapel in Grace Cathedral. Then we took loads of pictures and we all went back to the bride and groom's place to eat and talk and drink. I tried raw oysters!  I still prefer shrimp, but at least I know how to eat them now, right?

I've been exhausted all week, recovering from jet lag and working and going to class. Slept 11 hours Friday night and 10 last night. So I'm trying to catch up. Donating blood on Friday probably didn't help matters any.

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I have done more walking these last few days than I have done in months and months--the problem with living a pretty sedentary suburban lifestyle and visiting a walking city like San Francisco. Yesterday, I dropped off my luggage at the hostel and then spent the day running about, buying books and other things. I crashed and burned about 10 pm--not even the very thin mattress and my 6 or so dorm mates coming in kept me awake.

So, I was up about 8, trying not to wake said dorm mates. After some amazing hot chocolate at Bread & Cocoa, I made it over to Otto Frei about 10:30, where I picked up a part for my jewelry instructor and showed admirable restraint--I only bought one chasing hammer, a new saw frame, and a pair of parallel pliers. I feel very virtuous.  I also spent some time making friends with a bunch of art vendors out in front of the Ferry Building--something that will surprise no one that knows me!

Then I was very touristy and spent several hours at Pier 39. Made it back in time to have dinner and a nice long talk with my friend Raymond, staggered back to the hostel (and up those stairs!) and gave most of the chocolate I'd bought to the staff. (Keeping the pan au chocolat for breakfast!)

Tomorrow I may go to the huge farmers market at the Ferry Building before I have to get ready for the wedding. Luckily it's only 2 trolley stops and one block away. I want to try to get to either Chinatown or Japantown either Saturday night  or early Sunday since I have an afternoon flight.

Then it's back to high temps and humidity; I've been soaking up the chilly air here and freaking out the locals by not wearing a jacket. :-)
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I managed to leave my wallet, with all my ID, credit cards, and cash, on the floor of the jewelry classroom tonight. Thank whatever that I needed to transfer it to my traveling purse--after I briefly panicked calmly searched the house and the car, I called campus police, made the 25-minute drive back to campus, and they met me there to let me in. They were very nice about it, but I still felt like an idiot.

Now it's after midnight, I'm waffling on what to take to wear in San Francisco in June, and I'm trying to wedge a folded-up small duffel into my checked bag so I'll have something to carry all my loot from Otto Frei home in. And Ripley the Wonder Cat has decided to hold a protest; yelling at me and running all over the apartment.

[ profile] dremiel , a goddess among friends, is picking me up in the morning to go to the airport.

I'll have internet access but I may not be posting much until next week. Y'all be good while I'm gone!
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My usual Memorial Day weekend trip--get up very early, fly somewhere, and work. :-)  This time it's Fanime Con in San Jose. Please come say hi if you live in the area!

Packing after a more expensive than normal trip to the Container Store (honestly I usually restrain myself by constantly reminding myself that I can get almost everything there at Target for much less...), but they were having their travel sale, and I lucked into a small, only slightly twee purse  on sale that will work well, and their travel Space Bags were on sale, and I'll need those later this summer...

I'm really unused to flying only with carryon luggage. Have the quart bag packed with little bottles and things. Do I need to put my nasal sprays in there since they're prescription?

Also need to take out trash, clean out the cat box, etc. And watch Criminal Minds!


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