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Aug. 30th, 2010 07:01 pm
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I got a call this morning, asking me to come and donate blood. I still have what are called the "baby proteins" in my blood, so I can donate for very small children and infants. I got off early, fought the traffic to the Blood and Tissue Center....only to fail the iron test. TWO POINTS TOO LOW. YOU ARE NOT TALL ENOUGH TO RIDE THIS RIDE.

So I pouted, as you do, and ran all of my errands. Now I am home, contemplating a filthy apartment and two cats who are still Having Issues about who gets to do what when. And I have to make a cake for tomorrow. And write my bio for Blue Genie. (And, you know, submit my portfolio to them...) Thursday I leave at 0-Dark-30 for Atlanta, and Dragon*Con.


But I had a decent show at ArmadilloCon, saw many people I tend to only see there, bought some books, and ate Amy's Ice Cream twice, which I'm sure caused my butt to expand but it sure is good. And the cats are playing with the new toys I bought. Well, Spencer is, anyway.
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I managed to leave my wallet, with all my ID, credit cards, and cash, on the floor of the jewelry classroom tonight. Thank whatever that I needed to transfer it to my traveling purse--after I briefly panicked calmly searched the house and the car, I called campus police, made the 25-minute drive back to campus, and they met me there to let me in. They were very nice about it, but I still felt like an idiot.

Now it's after midnight, I'm waffling on what to take to wear in San Francisco in June, and I'm trying to wedge a folded-up small duffel into my checked bag so I'll have something to carry all my loot from Otto Frei home in. And Ripley the Wonder Cat has decided to hold a protest; yelling at me and running all over the apartment.

[livejournal.com profile] dremiel , a goddess among friends, is picking me up in the morning to go to the airport.

I'll have internet access but I may not be posting much until next week. Y'all be good while I'm gone!
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This week I leave for San Jose and Fanime, where I will merrily sell shirts to anime fans and enjoy non-90F weather. With any luck, my car will be in the shop getting the timing belt and sundry other items replaced at the same time. I still have to go borrow a carry-on bag from my brother, since the CPAP machine probably won't travel well in the hold.

Two and a half weeks after that, I'm getting on a plane to go to San Francisco for my little "brother"'s wedding. I need to find some nice well-fitting slacks that aren't too expensive, and probably a nice long-sleeved shirt as well. Weight gain and a workplace where I can wear t-shirts are not conductive to having a wedding-ready wardrobe. I'm just sayin'.

One month later is ComicCon. Right now bets are at 15 minutes before I see someone I know who isn't a vendor.

In the midst of all this, I have a 10th anniversary at work (I know!), my birthday, and the search for a new cat to keep Ripley the Wonder Cat from going nuts. Oh, yeah, I need to get off my butt and make the wedding present jewelry. Which I should have done when it was nice and cool--remember, my workspace has no heating or A/C. But I kept putting it off, and now I have to do it in the humidity of an early Central Texas summer. Oh well.

And summer classes start in 2 weeks. Two days a week, 5 hours at a time. Go me! 
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It's been really busy at work, especially with the training I've been running and our company meeting and everything.

I had my last two classes in stonesetting. I can now gypsy set and make a decent stab at channel settings. However, I am very ready to be back in a class where I make things.

The lack of sleep because of the early-morning training has not helped at all.

As an added bonus, I got to watch Slinky, my enormous grey and white cat, slowly pass away for the last few days. He'd been declining for a while, of something unknown, and I really didn't want to stress him unduly by putting him in the car just to be poked at the vet's.

Because Slinky was so ill, it feels like everything has been on hold in a weird way this week--I didn't want to clean and bother him, I didn't want to turn on the TV, since he decided that the living room was where he wanted to be and he hated being in there with the TV on. I kept the ceiling fans on during the day to make him more comfortable.

He died this afternoon. I took his body to my veterinarian and they will have him cremated.

On the way back, I ate dinner, bought some CDs and then some amazing ice cream. It helped. Now I need to clean the house and get Ripley the Wonder Cat used to the idea of being a single cat, at least for a while. I'm sure some kitten will come into my life sooner or later, knowing my friends.

Here's hoping next week is better.
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The site of the crash is about a mile or two away as the crow flies. We didn't hear anything, but saw the smoke from the fire.

From what I understand, the pilot was having real money problems (~$40,000) due to screwups on his side of taxes and was dealing with the typical IRS "we could care less" mindset.

So what does he do? He writes a manifesto (since taken down by request of the FBI), sets fire to his house with his wife and child inside (they got out OK), takes a plane, and flies it into the nearest big IRS office.

I'm sorry, but reading his screed made me just not care.  Rational people do not solve their problems by attempting mass murder, and oh, yeah, trying to kill your family.

Timeline here. Plus bonus pdf of the screed.

People suck.
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Yesterday: 105F
Today: I've seen forecasts from 104F to 106F. We'll see. The Heat Index is 110F, right now.
Lowest forecast high for the next 10 days: 99F.

The low (for about 10 minutes at 5am) was 76F. When I got up it was 81F.


It doesn't normally get this bad until August, anyway. (Oh, August...*shudder*.)

I can haz new job somewhere cooler, plz?
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Got home to discover that my TV and the U-verse DVR were still not speaking to each other. Called my friend J (who had given me the TV in the first place), and he assured me that resetting the aspect ratio in U-verse would fix the problem. However, he didn't have his handy-dandy cheat sheet that he'd made. He'd look for it.

Undeterred, I went online and found a set of screenshots that I thought would help me; they did, up to a point. So I girded my loins and tried AT&T tech support.

Well, there's 45 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

I finally had to browbeat her into trying to walk me through the reset procedure, which she failed at. Finally, after multiple resets, she said she couldn't help me. I called the World's Best Niece to have her help me with the steps, since she also has U-verse, (lo and behold, the tech had neglected to tell me a couple), but even that didn't work. So right now I have a TV that is a great DVD player and not much else. :-(

To top it all off, my toaster/convection oven decided to get all freaky on me. I was heating up some pizza and noticed that the LCD screen looked weird. Then it turned off, and when I unplugged it and plugged it back in, none of the controls would light up or turn on. *sigh*

Going to bed now. Enameling class tomorrow, thank goodness.
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Original Plan for Today:
read paper
vacuum/take out trash
inventory what I need to make for the Violet Crown Festival
take pictures of pretties and books what I want to sell on eBay
shop for groceries

What Actually Happened:
read paper
vacuumed/took out trash
shopped for groceries
...then the phone rings. One of my BMFs, his wife, and their two boys are in town! Briefly! They were flying back from CA to PA and the weather totally messed up their flights. So, rather than be on 24-hour standby in Houston, they rented a car and came up here. They'll fly out Monday. So it was off to see them, and have dinner. Yay!
...then I did laundry.

Now I'm off to bed.
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Normally I avoid USA Today like the plague. But this is a decent article about the Columbine killings, ten years after.

What's now beyond dispute — largely from the killers' journals, which have been released over the past few years, is this: Harris and Klebold killed 13 and wounded 24, but they had hoped to kill thousands.

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Ok, there's this anime convention I'm selling shirts at this weekend. In order to do this:

I had to have the shirts shipped to my job. (The new hotel charges $20 a box. 13 boxes. Do the math.)

Then I arranged to borrow my brother's truck to move them. (There are too many to fit in the wagon.)

Until noon today--the day before the show starts, mind you--we did not know when load-in for the dealer's room was. (Guess what? No load-in tonight. Load-in is tomorrow morning. Starting at 5am. Did I mention this hotel is in the heart of downtown? And that my brother's truck is a full-sized Silverado pickup, which he needs back to move heavy stuff Friday afternoon?)

Oh, yeah, we also found out this morning, the hotel wants to charge $85 a day for electricity. (This is more than we are charged at Dragon*Con. For two large, separate setups.)

So. I called the hotel concierge and cried on her shoulder a bit. She allowed as how I could probably store my boxes with the bellman tonight.

The amazing mail room guys loaded the truck. (They are getting a cake on Monday!)

I then searched only 5 of 13 boxes to find the credit card machine and charger. Have to charge it up! (See electricity, charging out the ass, above.)

Drove across town in barely pre-rush-hour traffic. Made it to hotel. Bellmen accommodating; stuck my boxes in storage. I tipped well.

Left. Eyeballed parking lots. (I'm not paying $15/day to park.)

Returned truck. (Left the radio on NPR. I am evil.)

Getting up tomorrow, driving back across town in rush hour traffic, to set up. Room is open until 7.

(If you've waded through all of this, I give you...meat cake!)
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...or a mallet, which is what I had to use to get the door to my car open this morning*. On the plus side, I have an awesome new ice scraper, courtesy of one of the vendors at our company's health fair last week, so it only took me 20 minutes to scrape the windshield off enough to drive to work.

* The plus side of working with metal for a hobby--I have three mallets, two rubber and one rawhide. Don't ask me how many actual hammers I own. Or pairs of pliers.
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So, last night I get home from the gym, cook dinner. Set things out to make cake for co-worker's birthday tomorrow. Wander out of the kitchen. Watch some TV. Hate on the People's Choice Awards.

Fast-forward to 10:15pm...

I enter kitchen. Swear. Make cake. Go to bed an hour later then I'd planned.

Get up this morning. Discover I am out of frosting. Forget to buy it on the way in to work.

At lunch, I go pick up my  parking permit for classes. (Yay lines!) Grab lunch, swing by the Walgreens for frosting.

....they're out. Contemplate going to Large, Inconveniently-Placed grocery store. Look at watch. sigh. Buy ice cream instead.

Ice cream and cake are a hit. I am vindicated!

Silliness abounds:

Did you know the porn industry is suffering? And they want a bailout too? Larry Flynt and Joe Francis (producer of the "Girls Gone Wild" videos) are asking Washington for a $5 billion bailout.

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Our Thanksgiving potluck for our department was today. Man, I'm stuffed. Gym, here I come!

We appear to be up (if a bit slow), and to celebrate, here are some links!

Best "tagging" ever. (warning: contains knitting)

The possibilities are endless...

Maru, the world's funniest cat.

Coolest caves ever.

On a much more pissy note, the school superintendent for one of the local districts pulled TTYL, because one set of parents complained about it. Apparently, young adult books can't have "bad words" in them. Welcome to the 21st century!
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....and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day. Yeah, right.

I went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio today. My company wonderously decided to hold our Company Picnic there, so I got tickets for me, The World's Best Niece and Nephew, and planned to have a great time, since we had the run of the park, and free food.

Well, newly-18-and-living-with-his-sister Nephew apparently went out "partying" with his "buds" last night. Called me at 9:20 to tell me he couldn't make it. So WBN and I drove down to SA. It was great--we talked about anything and everything. I love the WBN.

The first thing (after the bumper cars) she talked me into riding was the Superman Krypton Coaster. (Warning: Video may make you nauseous. I can't watch it.)

I thought, hey, I used to like roller coasters, back in the day. I am, after all, the Cool Aunt.  And it's free!

Then came approx. 3 minutes of: drops, corkscrews, upside-down and sideways action. Often together in ways they were never meant to be. Why cats and dogs haven't started living together because of this abomination, I will never know. I almost lost my hat on the first drop, so I grabbed it, closed my eyes, and held on. Seriously, I have nightmares about falling, and being thrown into the air, and car wrecks--I die in these nightmares--this pegged all of them, in new and interesting ways. I had absolutely no desire to see what was coming.

When we got off I said, "Sweetie, you can ride any scary ride in the park you want, as often as you want. I'll wait for you on a bench when you do." My knees were literally shaking; very weird feeling. I did not stop shaking until we ate lunch, about 40 minutes later (and a ride on the Demon Swing Ride of Evil). WBN does not understand my affliction, but went along. (She later rode the Goliath. Warning: another nausea-inducing video. I sat on a bench and had a great conversation with another person who Will Never Get on One of Those Damn Things Ever Again.)

I did get petty revenge later; we were on the Gully Washer raft/water ride, and her side of the boat totally went under the waterfall. Score!

We rode lots of rides, ate lunch, I bought us a couple of t-shirts (and if anyone is wondering where all the Warner Brother's Studio Stores went, they are all hiding at Six Flags). Bought dinner and we talked all the way home

But you know what? Just thinking about that damn ride makes my palms sweat, even now.
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Hm. Well, I got one load out of the "fixed" dryer. I now think it's the thermostat. At least it was the load with the towels and the mattress cover.
Honestly, I don't know if I should try to fix it or just start looking for a replacement.

I did get a lot done this weekend, despite feeling really tired and draggy. "Fixed" the dryer, ran a bunch of errands that needed doing, took things to Goodwill, bought bras, cleaned off the coinage I bought last week, bought The World's Best Niece a bottle of vodka for her 21st birthday, cleaned out the car, bought groceries, vacuumed, and now I'm doing laundry.

I wish I would stop feeling tired, even though I work out, would stop aching all the time, stop being randomly depressed. I made the choice to live my life on my own a long time ago, but sometimes living alone, while all your friends got married/involved/had kids really sucks.

And I'm just not looking forward into going in to work any more. I'm really, really tired of what I've been doing. *sigh* I wish I was well-off enough to have a mid-life crisis, quit work, go contemplate my navel, run off and join the Peace Corps, whatever....But I did a random nice thing for a recruiter on my LinkedIn network, and then asked her if she could place someone with my skill set. I'm going to send her my resume and meet with her for lunch this week. Who knows?
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Stitches came out last Wednesday, and the dried dead skin around the incision is coming off. *squints* Looks like a Wraith hand. *contemplates drawing teeth on my palm*

Will post glass pictures tonight or tomorrow.

The Sweet Charity lanyard I sent to the UK in early May? Finally got there. The book I ordered from Amazon.co.uk? Arrived here in 5 days. *is boggled*

Off to glass-blowing class.


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