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Here's a shot of the finished bowl. I heat-patinaed it, cleaned it and waxed it. The photo doesn't show all the play of colors in it, but it still looks nice (and there are 2 more shots on my flickr page).

Now we start raising a new piece to make a vase.

Back to the workshop tomorrow night! I should be able to get several more enameled pieces done. (I kind of have to, since the World's Best Niece has already claimed one of the new small pendants.)

I think I'm going to cancel on the Gem & Mineral Society Swap Meet. I'll go for a while, but I have way too much to get done to devote an entire day to sitting around outside. (This way I can also drop by the coin show if I decide to go.)

Still on the fence about selling at the Kanine Karnival in May. It would give me 3 shows in a row, 2 in a row that are outside. *sigh* I have to make up my mind by the 10th.

I have signed up with Square to handle my credit cards, since the Big Company I'm with right now just decided to raise my monthly maintenance fee from $10 to $14.95 a month. It's like they want to make me leave...
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All I have to do is patina the bowl and it's done! (If you click through to flickr there's some more shots.)

Going to see the doctor tomorrow and hopefully he'll take the stitches out of my knee. It's still achy but my workout this morning felt good. I think most of my aches are due to loss of muscle tone in that leg and knee--at least I hope so!

Going back into the workshop this weekend to get things done for World Horror and hopefully the etsy page. I have some great new steampunk stamps and some ideas that I hope will pan out. It looks like we'll be moving the lab late in the month after we get the electricity up to our (admittedly high) standards, install a vent fan, and fix the A/C(!!).

WIP and me

Mar. 11th, 2011 11:15 am
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My latest WIP. This is the bottom of my copper bowl. It will be cleaned and planished (hardened with a hammer) and riveted to a larger footed bowl that I'm planishing now. Then the whole thing will be patinaed and probably willed to my niece or nephew. A LOT of work, but a lot of fun.

I went in and got an MRI of my Evil Knee yesterday, so maybe we'll finally figure out why it's hurting more and more. And still more. Really, it hurts a lot. It's not fun and driving me nuts.

Going to see Battlefield: Los Angeles on Sunday with my friend G, who I have not seen in far too long. I plan on cleaning house this weekend, knee be damned, because I'm tired of crap everywhere. And I need to finish that commission piece I took on in *wince* August...anybody out there have fun plans?


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