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Well, maybe this one will crosspost. I have a couple of entries about Comic Con that didn't, darn it.

I've been fighting a coldish sort of thing since I got back. I spent 4 days in Hotel and Convention Center Air, and my body always likes to overcompensate for that kind of severe dryness with mucous. Lots and lots of mucous. Then I have to hope it doesn't settle in my chest, which is my own personal legacy from living with a pack-a-day unfiltered Phillip Morris smoker, since if it does it will take a few weeks at least to go away. Also: I've been what you call exhausted from the con aftermath. I just come home, read email, and go to bed.

So, in lieu of a real con write up, I give you lots and lots of youtube links to panels I was at:

The Walking Dead (split up into 5 parts, it's a good panel and the video quality is good).

Torchwood, lots of little bits. This is my personal favorite where John talks about sex scenes. This one is fun too, he sings!

The entire Eureka panel. The video quality isn't great, but it's a really fun panel.

The entire Sons of Anarchy panel. Not very long.

Fringe, in 3 parts. Plus the fun "Audition" tape.

Dr Who, in 5 parts.

One of the funniest bits of WootStock. Oh yeah, and Adam Savage talks about his kids, and porn, and sings in his Gollum voice.

I'm working on culling the pictures, and I'll have a link to my Flickr page when I'm done.

ETA: Entire Supernatural panel!
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Well, I'm back, got in about six-thirty and the ever-amazing [personal profile] dremiel picked me up from the airport. I'm unpacked and the cats are very needy. I'm also pretty clogged up from spending a whole weekend breathing Hotel Air and then Airline Air today. I have a HUGE blister on my right foot. And I sure miss those "highs" of 80F. But all in all it was a fun/awesome trip!

Back to work tomorrow and I'll try to get my millions of photos culled and up by the weekend. I'll also be finishing up my Con reports and add all those little bits that I forgot to put in in the first place.

Night, all.
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Let's see.

The Fringe panel on Saturday was short but good. They opened with a montage of actors who "auditioned" for the Observer part, including Zachary Quinto and just about everyone from Heroes. Joshua wasn't listed as coming but he was there, dressed as an Observer. 

The entire cast was there, and they all seemed to be having a blast. John and Joshua gave each other a really hard time. They didn't give spoilers but "Astrid will carry a gun".

Went to see Captain America last night with [personal profile] crimsonquills  and several of her friends. Seeing it with a bunch of slashers was...interesting. Go see it! I demand Cap/Bucky slash immediately!

Today I spent all day in Hall H, the largest auditorium. I snoozed through the Glee panel (though I did get lots of pictures of all the panels).

Then I had a great time at the Supernatural panel; Jensen is directing another episode, and he and Jared harass each other exactly as much as you'd think. They think you could make an entire episode just from the looks they give each other, and someone on the panel (Mark? Misha?) said, "Look on YouTube, it's already been done!" 

Jo will come back for at least one episode! So will Sherriff Mills, which made Jim Beaver happy. There was much discussion of Cas's godhood, and Misha confessed that he had been smiting people. We saw a clip from Jensen's episode with Jewel Straite! And also a chunk of the gag reel, as well as a bit from the anime, which looks promising.

OK, done with dinner. Will post more later!
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What a long day.

I got up at 5:30 to make my 9am flight. (The fabulous and amazing [personal profile] dremiel  gave me a ride to the airport!)

Got to San Diego about 10 am local and took a taxi to my host's place and then on to Balboa Park where I wandered through the Natural History Museum and the Photography Museum. I would have gone through the AIr & Space Museum but I really wanted to get my badge, so I took the bus/train to the Convention Center.

The big (as in cover the sides of the hotels big) billboards this year are for Batman (a video game? a movie?), Cowboys & Aliens, and Immortals (from the people who brought you 300! Yeargh.). All the interior banners at the convention center seem to be for Game of Thrones, True Blood, and all the Showtime things.

After trekking to the far end of the Convention Center, I picked up my badge very quickly (and got the Fringe souvenir bag!), then proceeded to have to walk ALL THE WAY TO THE OTHER END OF THE CONVENTION CENTER to get to the Disabled Services booth. The irony did not escape me. Fortunately, the shuttle bus that I need stops right in front of that entrance, so I was spared making yet a third trip across the Center.

The shuttle took me to a hotel about 3/4 mile from where I'm staying, and I was able to take the bus for a large chunk of that. I went to Trader Joe's to stock up on snacks, grabbed dinner, and then took the bus to a Walgreens where I was able to buy a replacement cane, having cleverly left mine at home.

I'm finally at my host's house, where she is bustling around finding me sheets and towels. I brought her 2 bottles of Stubbs BBQ sauce (local to Austin) as a thank-you and they were much appreciated.

Tomorrow I'm donating blood, hitting the dealer's hall, and then on to WootStock!

Oh yeah, the Evil Knee hates me. A lot.
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I have my schedule tentatively mapped out. I know I'm going to Wootstock on Thursday night and the Slasher's Dinner on Friday. I am donating blood at noon on Thursday. Friday and Sunday I will be camped out in Hall H. Hoping to meet up with [personal profile] crimsonquills  for dinner or breakfast sometime. I have a short list of things folks want me to look for (let me know ASAP, guys!). Still need to grab a poster tube or two and doublecheck that my carryon bag will indeed fit inside my larger one. Apartment needs cleaning. Getting a trim tomorrow since I don't like the way my latest cut is shaping up.

Cut for whingeing about Evil Knee )
...sorry about that, sometimes I just need to vent. Anyway, if you have reasonable requests from Comic Con (I'm looking at you, [personal profile] dremiel !), let me know ASAP. I like having goals when I shop.
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Spent a good chunk of Saturday waiting on my car. Went in to get the oil changed, fluids topped off, etc. and found I needed new front brakes. They caught them before I needed rotor work, so I only spent $170 instead of $500. *only*. Sigh. Wound up being a slug on Sunday, though I did get rid of a couple of printers I no longer need. Yay floor space!

Went to the new dentist and got my temporary crown today. The real one will arrive in a few weeks. The new dentist is good--very gentle, and as soon as I flinched he gave me more Novocaine. (Which was the real stuff; I got the bad jitters for several minutes after the injections from the epinephrine.) I was out in under 2 hours. Though my tongue is a bit raw from chafing and also from the leftover glue on the temporary crown.

Had a gritty headache from my jaw being held open so wide for so long but a couple of aspirin killed it, thank goodness.

Comic Con bits:
I've signed up for the Slasher's Dinner at ComicCon. I bought an Entertainment Book for San Diego mostly for the museum passes since I hope to be able to spend a chunk of Wednesday at the Gem exhibit. And maybe the Zoo. Or LEGOLand. Thursday I'm picking up my badge and going to WootStock 3.0 that night, but otherwise I have no other plans. Anyone who wants to meet up with me is welcome!
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I will go to a list so as not to rant too much:

In the craziness of trying to pack up and leave and get everything ready to leave OMG I have to make it to the shuttle in 10 minutes on Sunday, I forgot to call FedEx and tell them there was a large pickup at the hotel. Then I forgot to tell the boss. Now he has to wait until Monday to figure out what the problem is with the credit card machine and get his monies.

As an addendum to the above: I accidentally shorted him $100 when I was getting the check made out for the cash.

As another addendum: I forgot to send him the sales reports last night.

I have not been logging my food for HEED.

I have not done any of my exercises since last week.

I ate like crap while I was in Denver (OMG, the Girl Scouts were there), except for one night when I had pho.

I am extraordinarily exhausted, since I slept like crap in Denver (I hate Sleep Number beds) and I'm right back into my staying-up-too-late-on-a-work-night routine.

Even though I don't have to wear my brace any more, my knee hurts. Again.

I want to buy an iPhone and my brother, holder of the accounts, keeps fending me off. I have no idea why.

A friend's husband almost certainly has Parkinson's. They're going to Minneapolis (Mayo) to get a definitive answer this week.

A few bright notes, for all of you who have made it this far:

I now have my plane tickets and a cheap place to stay in San Diego for Comic Con.

No more leg brace!

Tax refund came so I can get the cats their shots and have the car looked at.

Still having a blast in my coppersmithing class.

We may be moving the Lab/workshop soon to a place much closer with a REAL BATHROOM.
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I've had my 4-day ticket for a while now, and this evening the World's Best Niece and I bought our plane tickets to San Diego! Tomorrow she is calling a friend of her father's who lives in San Diego to get her assistance with hotel rooms.

Now I just have to save enough money to make it a fun trip.


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