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I've fallen, hard, for Justified on F/X. I didn't want to. As far as US Marshal series go, my heart is still held captive by Jeff Fahey in The Marshal and Carla Gugino in Karen Sisco . They set the bar and were both cancelled too soon.

But Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens does a great job, and I thought the show "felt" familiar--then I saw the credits; it's based on an Elmore Leonard short story and he's listed as one of the executive producers. So it has that kind of off-kilter weird story vibe that I loved so much about Karen Sisco, as well as that smart-but-slow-talking hero I adored in The Marshal.

The supporting cast, especially Nick Searcy, Givens' long-suffering new boss, are uniformly great. The show isn't very dark, though that might change when we see Givens' career-criminal dad. Or it might not.

But it gets my recommendation, for what that's worth.
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As seen on [ profile] ffutures :

You know, I really wanted to hate this show, but it keeps redeeming itself. I wound up mainlining the first 6-7 eps on DVR and was completely hooked.

I'm glad the World's Best Niece and I decided to go to Scarborough Faire tomorrow instead of today. It's been raining for at least 3 hours here with no letup. Which we need! Yes! But I'd rather be outside on the cooler day after the front passes, frankly. Ripley the Wonder Cat is completely freaked out, since the last  time we had hard rain it hailed, too.

Going to see Star Trek for the second time today, and since I'll be out all day tomorrow I have to get laundry, etc. done today. Y'all have a great weekend!
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...literally, you can smell--and for while this morning--see the smoke from the Oklahoma/North Texas fires. The wind changed direction overnight and it's now blowing in from the North, bringing that lovely "just-burned-grass" smell. Hopefully this next front will bring us some rain.

Watched The Unusuals. Didn't realize it had Joan from Joan of Arcadia, Michael from Lost, and Penn from Angel in it. I enjoyed it quite a lot, and I've added it to my watch list. The writing is very good and the acting is top-notch. Worth seeing, before they get tired of it not making a bazillion dollars from the get-go and pull the plug on it.

I've also gotten into Dollhouse. The first episode was bad, but I mainlined the next 6-7 last weekend and it's really very interesting, and I can watch Eliza Dukshu all day, frankly. She's obviously having a swell old time in the role.
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Well, the weather is already being freaky for 2009. Yesterday it was 80F, beautiful, nice, shorts-and-tshirt weather. I had all my windows open and could barely keep Ripley the Wonder Cat inside. Took down the Christmas lights (sob), went grocery shopping, drove with the windows down, etc. etc.

Today it's 39F and cloudy a little before noon. It's supposed to be cold and rainy tonight and tomorrow. (Which is actually more like normal South Texas winter weather.) No matter how cold and icky it is tomorrow, I really won't mind, since we only had half of our normal rainfall in 2008. Plus, maybe my car will be cleaner....

So far I have thoroughly vacuumed the house and done a bit of picking up. I still need to edit and post a couple of articles for my part-time gig, and do laundry. I still haven't replaced the damn washer and dryer--getting my brother's truck and a couple of spare backs is a lot harder these days than it was during college, lemme tell ya.

I'm meeting [ profile] pentapus this afternoon on her whirlwind tour of Austin. We will probably spend a couple of hours being total fangirls over tea and pastries somewhere--I don't get to do that nearly often enough.

And for those of you that have the Chiller cable channel--they're showing a Brimstone marathon! This is the show they blatantly ripped off (and made into a comedy) to make Reaper. Unfortunately it isn't on DVD, so you should watch it when it comes on. It's really good. (Peter Horton, with John Glover as the Devil--what's not to like?) Now I want a Brimstone/Supernatural story, with Ezekiel hunting Dean....
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Since I took an extra day off, I decided to take care of some business. I called and cancelled one of my credit cards that I had emptied on a balance transfer. The CSR was very nice, and tried to do her job (get me to transfer the balance back for a very low rate), but I held firm. This is the card that raised my rate to insane levels after a late payment and wouldn't lower them again. Now, I no longer make late payments, but the attitude I always got from them still puts my teeth on edge, over 6 months later. So I very politely said no.

Time Warner, my old cable provider, tried calling me with the "you only have basic cable! OMG! We must help you upgrade!1!!1!!" spiel. When I informed him that I had in fact cancelled my Time Warner and was going with AT&T, he got rather snotty. Why did I leave? I wasn't going to pay TWC $120 a year to rent their box. This kid practically called me a liar (we don't charge that!), so I just repeated myself and hung up. C'mon, people, get your facts straight before you cold-call, 'kay?

Then I went to cancel my TiVo. I really, really didn't want to do this. I luv my TiVo! But it just wasn't working with the new content provider, so with a heavy heart, I called. I'm glad I did. The very nice lady with a very strong Deep South accent (mine came back after 60 seconds on the phone with her), walked me through everything I can do right now, with only 1.5 hands (I may have to rearrange cables later), and made me promise to call back when I was able to move equipment, since they knew how to set everything up with AT&T, which makes me very happy. The AT&T DVR is...ok. But it is most emphatically NOT TiVo. So, I still have TiVo.

Washed my right hand in the shower this morning; still looks icky. TWELVE stitches, running partway up my palm. Bruises on my palm look like I had a handful of dark blue ink at one point. No bleeding, and no real pain, though I imagine that's mainly due to keeping my wrist straight. The few times it flexed a little in the shower I sure knew about it! My handwriting is awful; I'm trying to write around a hunk of plastic across my hand. Everyone who has to deal with my marked-up copy at work will just have to be patient for a couple of weeks.

And it took me 5 minutes to put on my bra this morning. Hmph.
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 OK, I now have a reason to get HBO. Or, you know, just torrent the episodes.

I haz thumb/hand braces. They are custom made, and fit over the base of my hand and over my thumb, and they velcro across the back. They are very annoying and even with the little sleevies, get very sweaty. Inside. In air conditioning. (Am I wearing them to drive? Not when it's approaching 90F and 45% humidity, I'm not.) If anyone has suggestions to fix this, please let me know.

Also, I got the results of my fasting glucose test. My doctor is giving me 6 months to shape up--my lifetime of crappy eating and my pretty damn sedentary lifestyle are catching up with me. So, starting next week (post-Nebulas), I'm in the gym 4-5 days a week, and after classes end, it should be every day. Doing something, for an hour. I've let the bread/rice/pasta bus creep back into my life, so I need to cut down on that. As I am also pretty damn lactose intolerant, does anyone have recipes/resources/websites/cookbook recommendations?
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My TiVo cut off about a minute before the end. Can anyone tell me what Catherine said to Grissom at the end? And what happened afterwards?

(Greg was so adorable tonight!) 
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From Tanya Huff ([profile] andpuff )..

I heard from Peter Mohen (show-runner, producer) this weekend that Lifetime has comitted to showing the two hour premiere of BLOOD TIES on March 11th. He thinks it'll run at 9pm but you should check your local listings.

The premiere is an adaptation of the first book, BLOOD PRICE. Peter wrote the adaptation and did an amazing job distilling 272 pages of book (with small type and no spacing to speak of) into 100 pages of script. His Norman is a lot creepier than mine and I love the minor demon. (the fight between the demon and Henry... whoa... the scene right after the fight... OMG!) He's managed to fit in a flashback and use the end of the episode to set up mytharc for the first season.

So, to reinterate... two hour premiere of BLOOD TIES on Lifetime March 11th. Probably at 9pm but check local listings.

I know I'll have the TiVo ready to go...

And, if you are interested in getting a copy of The Last Unicorn on DVD, a much better version than the one regularly available is available February 6,  and it benefits Peter S. Beagle! (He gets NO royalties from the one out now. None. Nada. Zip.)

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Lost? Who needs Lost?  There are much better shows out there. Heroes and Jericho, in my opinion.


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