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There's this....stuff.

Falling from the sky.

It appears to be wet.

*looks apprehensive*

It may be this thing they call "rain", but I'm not sure.

*hides under desk*
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Yesterday: 105F
Today: I've seen forecasts from 104F to 106F. We'll see. The Heat Index is 110F, right now.
Lowest forecast high for the next 10 days: 99F.

The low (for about 10 minutes at 5am) was 76F. When I got up it was 81F.


It doesn't normally get this bad until August, anyway. (Oh, August...*shudder*.)

I can haz new job somewhere cooler, plz?
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Nice big thunderstorm hit tonight. I put a big towel over my back windshield since they were panicking and saying "Hail! Wind! Tornadoes! OMG!", and so, of course, we had only pea-sized hail--lots of wind and rain, thunder and lightning, though. I had a couple of scared cats and I kept the flashlight nearby (after I powered down the computer). Nice change after almost reaching 100F today. That's two months early...we don't normally hit those types of temperatures until August, at least. *sigh*

Brian Vickers Pulls Off Times Square Pit Stop:


Apr. 27th, 2009 02:32 pm
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It's raining! Which is good, since we're in what the weather boffins call an Extreme Drought (which I always want to see spelled X-Treme! Drought). Yes, my plants are happy and the car is looking clean, but it comes with a few drawbacks*:

The frakking humidity is insane. Normally I'm used to it, but because of the X-Treme! Drought we've been very dry for so long that I had nosebleeds. It's hard to get used to 70 wet degrees at night, which means A/C Right Now OMG rather than being at 70 dry degrees, which just means another open-windows night with no covers. (Plus, my OMG AC decided that it didn't really feel like cooling anything, so I moved my small fan into the bedroom last night and suffered.) Plus doing anything at all means instant sweat. Ew.

I have a show this weekend. If it keeps raining this week I'll have to slog in mud to put up the tent (The Nephew is helping, yay!) and then wash off everything before I store it again. I'm hoping I don't get a repeat of two years ago, when the show ended with a large storm and me taking down a metal-framed tent under a large oak tree. Good times!

Mosquitoes. They still haven't replaced all the torn window screens from the hailstorm last month, so the little bastards have free entry to the buffet (me). My one pitcher plant on the porch can only do so much. Come home, Mexican Freetailed Bats! We miss you!

* Yes, I know, I am very, very happy about the rain. Maybe we are finally entering a normal rainfall pattern and will get out of the drought without a flood for once. It would be nice! But the timing could have been a bit better. I'm just sayin'.
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03/25/2009 hail welcome
Originally uploaded by LillianB

I decided to go to Half Price Books after work and blow my coupons. It started hailing while I was inside, but it wasn't too bad. It wasn't until I got into my neighborhood that I saw real damage--car windshields busted, trees thrashed, etc. My complex got hit pretty bad--lots of car damage and tons of building damage (windows broken, screens punched through, gutters down). Glad I wasn't here for it...

The picture is taken from my doorway. My neighbor's door is maybe 10 feet away? And yes, that's her welcome mat buried in ice. I put a tarp on a neighbor's car that had had the entire back windshield blasted out--she even had hail on her dashboard!

The cats were very freaked out when I got home, and had to tell me all about the monsters that had been throwing ice cubes at the building. Ripley has no interest in going outside for once.
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...or a mallet, which is what I had to use to get the door to my car open this morning*. On the plus side, I have an awesome new ice scraper, courtesy of one of the vendors at our company's health fair last week, so it only took me 20 minutes to scrape the windshield off enough to drive to work.

* The plus side of working with metal for a hobby--I have three mallets, two rubber and one rawhide. Don't ask me how many actual hammers I own. Or pairs of pliers.
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This tshirt made me laugh and laugh.

Nephew and I took the Huge Desk and the old TV cabinet to Goodwill last night. We were also going to take the drama!queen!dryer, but Nephew remembered a friend who really needed a washer and dryer. So I'm going to hold onto it for a while (not like it's really in the way on the porch) until he can come pick it up.

Nephew and I (along with a friend) got the Enormous TV set up last night. It's...really, really big. I now have to rearrange the apartment. And figure out why I can't get a video signal from the DVD player, only an audio one. And figure out where the stereo, etc. needs to go now that there is no longer a cabinet for them to live on.

Big Brother wants the old TV, so while I can't get as much money as I wanted for it, keeping goodwill flowing in the family is a bit more important.

....the count for schizophrenic weather days is now umpty-zillion. Yesterday: 80F. Today: 36F. Time to make spaghetti sauce!
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Well, the weather is already being freaky for 2009. Yesterday it was 80F, beautiful, nice, shorts-and-tshirt weather. I had all my windows open and could barely keep Ripley the Wonder Cat inside. Took down the Christmas lights (sob), went grocery shopping, drove with the windows down, etc. etc.

Today it's 39F and cloudy a little before noon. It's supposed to be cold and rainy tonight and tomorrow. (Which is actually more like normal South Texas winter weather.) No matter how cold and icky it is tomorrow, I really won't mind, since we only had half of our normal rainfall in 2008. Plus, maybe my car will be cleaner....

So far I have thoroughly vacuumed the house and done a bit of picking up. I still need to edit and post a couple of articles for my part-time gig, and do laundry. I still haven't replaced the damn washer and dryer--getting my brother's truck and a couple of spare backs is a lot harder these days than it was during college, lemme tell ya.

I'm meeting [ profile] pentapus this afternoon on her whirlwind tour of Austin. We will probably spend a couple of hours being total fangirls over tea and pastries somewhere--I don't get to do that nearly often enough.

And for those of you that have the Chiller cable channel--they're showing a Brimstone marathon! This is the show they blatantly ripped off (and made into a comedy) to make Reaper. Unfortunately it isn't on DVD, so you should watch it when it comes on. It's really good. (Peter Horton, with John Glover as the Devil--what's not to like?) Now I want a Brimstone/Supernatural story, with Ezekiel hunting Dean....

Ike Update

Sep. 13th, 2008 11:59 am
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Here in Austin, all we have is clouds and wind. Quite pleasant, actually, even though we really needed the rain. I know it's all my fault that we didn't get any rain, since I bought batteries and cat food. Yes, once again, my preparedness has saved the city.

Got a call from Mr. Pegasus--a friend of ours in Houston (who also sells shirts and such) had a huge tree fall on his house. And of course it landed on the library/computer room--it couldn't land on the room where they were storing t-shirts! He thinks he's lost at least half of his book collection (a lot of signed firsts), and most of his electronics. The City of Houston came by and told them the house was unsound and they have to leave--and there are no hotel rooms available within a 100 miles of Houston (and I have no room for 2 folks + cats, darn it).

If there is anyone in South Texas who can take in 3 nice people plus their pets, let me know ASAP and I'll pass it along, OK?

Now, I have to take apart my dryer. I really hope the problem is just the belt. If not, I'll need another dryer.
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 It's been raining steadily for at least 45 minutes now. The last time I remember it doing this was probably October of last year. I mean, it rained like crazy here last year....up until October, when the Chaos Weather Gods turned off the taps. I mean, completely. This has been one of the driest and hottest years on record for the Austin area (hottest June ever, possibly the hottest summer ever). I went out and collected some rainwater for the inside plants, and got soaked to the thighs. It was great.

Speaking of great, my Big Brother, the Navy Doc (Reserve), comes back from his 3 months of shipboard duty on Thursday! I volunteered to drive everybody to and from the airport, to spare his wife.  There will be a big welcome back shindig on Sunday at some community center at a park. No one has asked me to volunteer. (Thank goodness.)

The Nephew turns 18 this week. Oy. I got him a Spamalot t-shirt and some starter spices from Penzey's, since I'm trying to encourage his nascent cooking interest.

Man, I want a scooter. Anybody want to get me one for Christmas? I promise to be really good.
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It. Is. Sleeting. 
There is at lest a 1/4" of ice on my car. It's 30F, though we have a breeze along with the sleet, so according to my weather thing, it's actually 22F.


I know, I know, you guys in Chicago, Boston, wherever are laughing yourselves sick over this. But in Austin? We are not so sanguine. We have lots of overpasses and they are now making noises that they city crews may be out of sand and de-icer soon. And this crap is supposed to continue until at least noon on Wednesday.  When I was living in West Texas, you'd get used to it. When I was going to school in Michigan, you got used to it. But it was in the upper 70's on Thursday!

*coughs* Of course, I went outside in a t-shirt, pajama bottoms, and flip-flops to take pictures. What? Just because I don't like cold weather doesn't mean I'm not weirdly physically adapted to it.


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