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Because My Life Needs More Irony Department: I was granted a continuance in my traffic court date, as the first one was scheduled to be while I was out of town. They very nicely rescheduled it...for my birthday. 

I have applied for another continuance, on the grounds that it's my 50th birthday, darn it, and I'd rather not spend it downtown in traffic court.
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Even though I got a decent amount of sleep last night and I saw Despicable Me with [ profile] dremiel  (which is very, very funny and extremely silly and we both want squid launchers now), I woke up feeling blue. The feeling has not gone away. I'm just....sad.

I finally figured out why. This is the anniversary of my mother's death. It's been 18 years, and like clockwork I feel very depressed. And a bit grumpy, because I hate feeling like this. But it's like my internal clock goes, "Hey, Mama's death-iversary, time to feel like crap!", and I do.

It'll go away in a day or two, like always. I should give the apartment a good cleaning. That usually helps, oddly enough.

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...for various values of junior high, anyway.

I got my second Swatch watch in the mail today. They were wildly popular when I was in junior high *cough*late '70s*cough*, but I only had the one. The popular and rich kids wore 2 or 3 at once.

I got one for Christmas, because they have resin cases and resin clasps. (I'm damn allergic to nickel--I get a rash with blisters!) I'd gotten tired of the Timex weirdness of needing a damned instruction book to set their watches, so I went looking at Swatches just for fun. Got a nice one with day/date and a large, very readable face that didn't look like something my grandpa would have worn.

I was jonesing for another watch, and kept looking at the Grandpa-Timex ones, because they were sturdy and had the day and date on them too (which I totally need since I never can remember either), when I looked up Swatch on amazon, since I had a clutch of gift certificates burning a hole in my virtual wallet. Found this one and grabbed it. The band is metal, but I'm hoping it's stainless steel. And it's nice and bright and cheerful and legible without being an Old Fogey Watch, which has become increasingly important *cough*bifocals*cough* as I get older.

...but I'm not wearing them at the same time. That would be tacky.


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