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 Agent Carter is over. I really hope we get more, because I love Hayley Atwell and her kick-em-in-the-balls fighting style.

Person of Interest continues to be some of the best, creepiest near-future SF on television. The episode "If-Then-Else" NEEDS to be nominated for a Hugo next year.

I'm so sad this is Justified's last season. I'm clinging to every episode. I frequently yell at the screen. "Don't you threaten Ava! Boyd's going to go nuclear on your ass!" has crossed my lips more than once.

I've completely given up on Dr Who. I like me some Peter Capaldi, but damn, Moffett's writing makes me want to hiss and throw things. ("We'll always have Nine", I whisper mournfully to the cat.)

Constantine was very, very good, and I do hope it's picked up by a cable channel.

The Flash continues to make me smile. It tries so hard to do angst, but it's just not built for it. It has even made Arrow bearable.

Supernatural keeps hitting it out of the park. I'm going to miss it when they finally end it; hopefully they'll do it before it starts sucking.

Jupiter Ascending is tons of fun and very silly and very pretty. Go see it.

Why hasn't anyone made a multifandom vid to "Shoop" by Salt'n'Pepa?

Hey, yeah - I wanna shoop, baby

(Oooo, how you doin', baby?
No, not you
You, the bow-legged one, (ha-ha) yeah
What's your name?
Damn, that sounds sexy)

C'mon, an opening shot of Dean in the gym shorts?...

Boob Update

Jan. 7th, 2015 05:26 pm
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 Home again, with an ice pack and the Good Cupcakes from the Good Bakery. Plus a chocolate croissant.

The procedure went well; everyone was very nice and willing to explain things to me. It was kind of cool to see the needle go into the lymph note in the ultrasound. They took 3 samples and then put in a little titanium tissue tag to mark it in case they need to come back in. 

Then I got a bonus mammogram, but it was not nearly as harsh as my usual ones. They needed to check the location of the tissue tag. 

One of the techs mentioned that I was one of the nicest patients they'd had! I explained to her that I COULD be a raving bitch, but I preferred to save it for when I actually needed it. :-)

I went over to [personal profile] dremiel 's house and met the new cat, and then we went to lunch at the Frisco. I ran errands for a couple of hours since it will be wet and cold this weekend instead of just cold and windy, and bought the Good Cupcakes. I may or may not cook tonight. Pizza may be in my future.

Now I wait, and ice my boob. And catch up on my shows. (Person of Interest, why did you feel the need to gut me?)
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 I should really post about what's going on with me but I wanted to talk fannish things.

What if...

...instead of SHIELD, Steve is found in the ice by the Stargate program? Maybe they tried to create supersoldiers to fight the Go'a'ould, and that's how we got the Hulk? And he gets revived and sent to Atlantis? With a gate team of Tony, Natasha, and Clint, and they find Thor on an abandoned planet...

...Danny Williams and Harold Finch meet up and commiserate about annoying partners with gun fetishes who look like GQ models and just don't appreciate a good suit, damnit.

...for that matter, Danny Williams would sure make an excellent SHIELD agent.

...Or a new sheriff/agent in Beacon Hills.

...and I still think Operation Treadstone was a HYDRA  project.

You win!

Sep. 20th, 2013 02:51 pm
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 OK, I have succumbed. Any suggestions as to where I can watch Person of Interest from the beginning?


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