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Peter O'Donnell, the writer of the Modesty Blaise books and comic strips, has passed away.

I started reading the comic strip collections and his novels in college, and he quickly became my "gateway drug" into mysteries. (Elmer Grape, a most excellent bookseller and mystery fan, would always have something else for me when I came in for another Modesty Blaise book: "How about Robert Crais? Dana Stabenow? " etc. I miss him, too.) The stories are a bit dated, but they hold up remarkably well.

I never got a chance to meet Mr. O'Donnell--the closest I came was getting some books signed by him while he was in London. I was in Austin at the time...

It's another Wonders of the Internets Story--I was running publications for Bouchercon (World Mystery Convention) several years ago, and was keeping an eye on the rec.arts.mystery newsgroup. (raise your hand if you remember newsgroups...)  A bookshop in London posted that he was coming in to sign books in a month, and I emailed them to ask if I could mail some in to get signed, if I also bought a couple of new editions. A couple of months later, they delivered the books to me at Bouchercon. Apparently, Mr. O'Donnell had been delighted to sign for a fan from Texas, especially since he had never seen the editions I had sent in!

Those books? Are high on the "rub back inside the burning house to retrieve them" list. I recommend them to fans of strong women and really excellent escapist literature.

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Happy: I am going to see Avenue Q tonight!

Sad: Mark Fidrych died.
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We lost another one, damnit. I understand that he had been quite ill for quite.

I was never a huge fan (I firmly believe the whole series could have been wrapped up 5 books ago), but for better or worse, he proved to the big guns that huge, epic fantasy series could sell and could sell well.  

...but I do wonder who'll get the unenviable task of finishing up the Wheel of Time series? I mean, I gave up on it quite a while back but it seems to me that one really solid book could tie up all the loose ends.
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Damn it.

She was one of the writers that made me see SF and writing in a totally different way. I'd grown up on an older generation of YA books--Heinlein, Norton, etc.--and A Wrinkle in Time was a revelation. 

It was about kids who weren't my parents! Weird kids! With math! I adored all of them and I probably have significant portions of the first three books imprinted in my DNA. Heck, I even liked the miniseries they did a few years ago.

She will be missed.


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