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I just executed a "same day sale" on my stock options. I started during the tech boom in 2000, so my options are just now above water (thank you stock split). It won't be a huge amount, but it should cover fun & games this summer. (Wedding, ComicCon, etc.) Heck, I'm even contributing to my 401(k). Now if I could just get the credit cards paid off I'd be happy.

In other news, we have moved on from prong to surface settings. I am very grateful for this. I'm OK at prong settings, but I will never be an expert. I signed up for a summer jewelry class that will be chasing and enameling,  in 5 hour chunks 2 days a week. (I would have signed up for Casting on the weekends, but being out of town twice during the session means I'd be missing 20 hours! Looks like the spring for Casting and this fall for Precious Metals.)

I still haven't taken the Metal Etching class over at CreativeSide since they keep postponing/ moving it. RIght now we're set for April 24th. I sure hope it happens. So does my jewelry professor; he wants me to share the wealth once I'm done.
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Sunday was nice. The vendors who were blaring music toned it down quite a bit, which kept me from yelling to be heard quite as much. Sales were pretty brisk, and only a few people pestered me about "Sunday deals".

I bought a solar-powered ninja that bobs his head at you. It's awesome. I have it in my cube next to my weird green solar-powered toy whose head rocks gently from side to side. I now need something solar-powered that goes up and down and my collection will be complete!

I found out that the Awesome Security Guy is a Fed who specializes in catching pedophiles. He volunteers at anime shows because his kids like them, which makes him even more cool. (And he keeps a very close eye on the handful of skeevy older guys that always seem to be at these shows.)

Everything was going fine yesterday; I'd taken all the boxes down to the mail guys at the hotel and was hauling my stuff out to my car. Just as I was about to go into the parking garage, this huge gust of wind hits. (I'm thinking 35-40 mph.) Cart goes slewing away, bags fall--and my inventory sheets take off like Usain Bolt. I shrieked! I slammed the cart inside out of the wind and bolted* after the paper. I managed to rescue one of my 2 sheets--then I turned around, and from half a block away, saw a kid see my fallen Huge Mug, look around, then pick it up and walk off with it. (I hope I poison him with my DNA.)

Then I had to tell Mr. Pegasus that the inventory for the show was FUBAR, since I hadn't entered anything into the computer. (No free wireless at the hotel = no reason to bring laptop.) He's understandably upset, since now his lead time to order is cut by 2-3 days, since he'll have to count over half the stock when it gets there instead of having that information now. Go me!

So I headed home and did laundry and went to bed. Now I'm sore, I have a great bruise/scrape from dealing with my brother's truck and its' sprayed-on sandpaper lining, and I want to go home and sleep.

But the rest of the week has to be better, right?

* I don't bolt easily. Bad knees, round. Not a runner. I paid the price yesterday. Ow.
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I replaced the dyer belt, even though the one on it wasn't broken (couldn't return the belt, and the belt was old...), vacuumed the motor* (covered in dryer lint), reset the pulleys, and re-attached the dryer vent. Sweated and swore a lot. Got the dryer wrestled back into place. Plugged it back in. It works! (We'll see for how long.)

I guess I'll start saving/looking for replacements. These are older models, given to me by friends close to 6 years ago. They're at least 15 years old, probably older.

*Scared the crap out of Ripley the Cat, who was outside at the time. OMG! Teh Terrible Hose Monster Has Chased me Outside! I found her hiding under the couch when I took the vacuum inside.

Taking the plants outside now, which will really guarantee that we won't get rain. I may even seal our fate by getting the lovebugs washed off the car.


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