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Sunday was InLawMas. Went over to my sister-in-law's family Christmas, which they have always been gracious enough to invite me to. I took over a basket of earrings and tie bars, plus a couple of gift cards for a new mom and a college guy who would have no use for a tie bar. I got a couple of gift cards and a nice bottle of wine. We ate until we all fell over, then I went home and did laundry. :-)

Christmas and Christmas Eve were very pleasant. I do Christmas Eve with my friends J and L and J's mom. It was kind of low-key, because L's hedgehog had died that day. So, she wasn't very upbeat. (The vet said it looked like the breeder had been very bad with inbreeding; Lilo's heart was about 4x too large and there were other anatomical problems. (Though personally I've never seen the point in having a pet with a maximum lifespan of 5 years, she was a very cute and friendly critter.))

We went out to Threadgills to have a dinner we didn't have to make--yay grilled pork chops and applesauce and chocolate icebox pie!) and then we went back to open presents. Everyone liked what they got--I know I put a lot of thought into their presents, since I've known them for almost 30 years!

Christmas Day, the World's Best Niece and I went over to my brother's house. We had breakfast (Aunt Mary's rolls, bacon, and homemade eggnogg) and watched Emily, the visiting Golden Retriever, destroy things. My nephew called and we did stockings--stockings are big in my family--and presents, and talked and talked. Then the Niece went off to do Newly-Single-Woman Christmas with her mom and I went home to watch Hogfather.

My friends from Connecticut are in town, so we went to dinner last night and talked and talked. We're going to dinner tonight and then we're all watching the Dr Who Christmas Special, among other things.

House: In the midst of all this I had the home warranty folks over to work on the oven, which I noticed was running 5-75F too hot. Not only was the thermostat in need of replacement but the igniter needed to be replaced. The thermostat is ordered, and at least it's only running about 25F too hot now...I've also trimmed back all my plantings and raked up some of the leaves. At least I can see the sidewalks now! I'm torn between putting them out for the trash guys or starting a compost pile.

Tomorrow IkkiCon starts, so I'm spending about half of my vacation time dealing with tween and high school anime fans. Yay. The cash will be nice, though.
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Well, I'll call the chocolate-making a qualified success. The molds are full and they're cooling. The kitchen isn't a huge mess, though the next time I do it I'm investing in plastic gloves. Now I'm making a couple of kinds of cookies (brazil nut and toll house) and I really have to wrap at least the presents I'm taking over to my friend's house tonight.

Sorry I've been such a grouch the last few days. I love the spirit of Christmas, giving gifts, decorating, etc. but I really hate OMGBBQCHRISTMAS!. I spent too much time in retail I guess. And everyone seems bent on making it OMGBBQCHRISTMAS! that I turn up my inner Grinch to drown it out.

Got my hair cut this morning and gave the stylist some Lammes chocolates along with her tip. Drove past the grocery stores and smiled, since I don't plan on having to go in until Sunday, anyway.

See y'all tomorrow. Have a great holiday, whatever you do or don't observe. I leave you with Jackson Browne:

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I spent too much f*cking time making gravy today. And it wasn't that great. (Admittedly I have very high standards for turkey gravy since I've been making it since I could see over the stove. This was meh. And I burned the bottom/set off the smoke detector. *sigh*) I was working without pan drippings, as The Menfolk Wanted to Fry Turkeys. So it lacked a certain something.

I spent too much time dithering over whether to get the box set of The Wire from amazon today. I finally placed the order just a few minutes ago.

I spent too much time cleaning up after the gravy. And I still have pots in the sink which will bloody well wait until tomorrow.

I did make an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow morning. It's getting too floppy. (I have very thick hair and once it hits a certain length....flop.)

I did put the new foam topper on the bed. The current bottom sheet will juuuuust fit over it. I may need to update my sheets.

Went to the in-laws Christmas Eve Eve thing. Lots of food. Some nice people. Spent (all together now) too much time going, being there, and coming back. Though I did get a nice bottle of wine and a couple of gift cards out of it.

Catch you later.
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Looks like I finally have everything, present-wise. Mailed off all time-sensitive presents; non-time-sensitive will go out tomorrow. I like printing postage out from my computer--it makes me feel very professional.

Mattress topper arrived! Will unroll and let breathe tomorrow. I do not trust Spencer and Ripley not to climb it like a mountain. Also, new sheets arrive tomorrow!

Wrapping must commence ASAP. If I can keep Spencer from eating all the wrapping paper as I work with it.

I sent a pendant to my cousin in Alabama the Saturday before last. It hadn't arrived by Monday, so I rushed her another one. Of course, when she got home, she found not only the Express envelope but the one that I originally mailed. *facepalm* She's going to try to sell it for me so I'll make some money off the deal....

Tomorrow is the Christmas Eve-Eve gathering for my sister-in-law's family. I'm making gravy for 22 people, which means a LOT of gravy. I'll make it early and reheat it there (we're going to Temple). I may do chocolates tomorrow. I may wait until Christmas Eve.

Just in case anyone is interested/able to assist: I have a PayPal account set up to fund a kiln, so I don't have to keep using my friend's kiln. Plus, this one has a window! Anyone who donates gets kiln time (if you're local) or enamel jewelry. I'll cover any postage costs.
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OK, the cards are addressed and in the car. I'll send them out tomorrow.

Memory foam topper and a new set of sheets ordered from, courtesy of my sister-in-law, who rocks big-time.

Some cleaning has been done, mostly taking out recycling/trash and moving my jewelry supplies back to the closet/workroom.

Cufflinks that need to be re-done have had their old hardware and epoxy remnants removed. I love paint thinner!

First batch of chocolate pretzel rods are chilling in the fridge. Need to make another batch as well as cookies and banana bread tonight.

Bought steel-cut oats and apples to make this recipe. May put it in the crock pot tonight, may wait.

The TV is on Syfy, who knew there was a zombie movie with Steven Segal? I sure didn't. It's....not horrible. It has the Patented Three Word Segal Title: "Against the Dark".

Another song, one of my favorite seasonal songs. I first heard it done by the Chieftans, but I really like this version:

ETA: Need another package of pretzel rods. Dang it. And the movie was pretty bad. But now I have Holmes Inspection, and later Leverage, so things even out.
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Ran many errands today--once I got up. I slept very, very, late--to my cats' disgust. I must have needed it, though, as I feel great for the first time in a couple of weeks.

Bought chocolate molds and some good chocolate. Found the Creepiest Wrapping Paper Ever. Scouted out places that carry memory foam bed toppers, as my sister-in-law wants to buy me one for Christmas. Has anyone on my flist bought one? Any recommendations?

I have finally gotten all of my cards addressed and stamped and I'll shlep them to the post office tomorrow. ([personal profile] tehomet , I got your card! Thanks!) Still need to mail off 2 packages but the recipients won't have spasms if they don't arrive on The Day, so I'm not in a real hurry.

I want to try making steel-cut oatmeal in a slow cooker. Anyone have a recipe they like? (One that reheats well.)

My White Elephant present was a great hit. I bought a copy of a calendar called "2011--Countdown to Armageddon" and a weird little "Grow Your Own Crop Circles" kit. They were hotly fought over. I wound up with a real Slinky!

Still debating making enameled ornaments. I may go into the Lab on Christmas eve. I may not. Still need to fix the washing machine.

Oh yeah. I still haven't heard this on the radio. Still doesn't feel like Christmas yet.

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It's been an interesting week so far. My plans to Clean and Bake All Things were pretty much derailed. Saturday I was all over the place, and then Sunday I mostly ran errands and Bought More Books for both my sister and her husband and my friend T's kids. I did make one batch of Toll House cookies for the guys in our mail room who put up with a lot from me over the course of the year, and I put up some lights on my patio. I alternate, and this is the Year of Multicolored Hippie Lights. (Some years it's All White Lights, All the Time.)

Yesterday and Tuesday I had to stay late at work, then I ran more errands. I just can't seem to find any holiday squee this year. I was more invested in comparing glues at Home Depot--bought 3 kinds, why do you ask?--than I was in doing cards. (I did decorate the LEGO models of our buildings that we have in our company lobby, which was fun.)

Monday was, of course, Hawaii 5-0 night and I finally watched the new Leverage, which made me very, very happy. Parker in antlers does that to me. As does Danno in a tight t-shirt. rowr.

Today I have lunch with [personal profile] dremiel  and I have to finish this huge thing at work and then I plan on making cookies for the cafeteria crew here, since I don't think they get enough love. I need to make a half-dozen dice necklaces for Dragon's Lair (local comic shop) and throw them into the tumbler overnight. I want to do cards too, but that will probably have to wait until Friday.

And now for your un-Christmas song of the day:

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Got up kind of early (for me) and called my friend L to see if she wanted to go to a newish farmer's market. Then I had to go feed/play with my brother's dog, since they are at the Army/Navy game in Philadelphia.

The market was quite nice, even though it was crazy windy. Got some eggs, pecans, lovely bacon, equally lovely truffles (only a 6-piece box), some soap from my favorite local soap company, a bowl from the Empty Bowl Project, a small bag of multigrain snickerdoodle cookies, and a cute ceramic toadstool that L's mother-in-law will love for Christmas. Then we went and shopped for clothes for L's mom and we found her 2 very nice blouses she can both wear on an upcoming cruise and at work in Florida. I dropped her back home, fed and played with the dog again, and went to my D&D game.

Home early, since we hit a stopping point and I at least have to get up very early Sunday to take The World's Best Niece and the OMG!boyfriend to the airport. At 5:30. That would be in the morning. I will put on my Big Girl Panties and do it since she has taken me to multiple early airport runs with no complaint at all. (They are going to NYC for 5 days.)

Here is my first Christmas song recommendation:

(Hey, I worked mall retail for 10 years. It left scars.
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 I have my balcony lights up but they aren't nearly as nice as some of the others in my complex. I may have to redo them.

Christmas Moment of Zen: I was in Michaels (big arts-and-crafts chain store), and they were playing some radio station that went to 24-hour-a-day Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. I've laid my poster out on a frame to check the size when I hear it: "Once upon a time, about, hmmm, five years ago, there was this groovy dude, and has name was Santa Claus, y'know?"  (warning, site has NSFW images) and I knew that for me, at least, Christmas had arrived. 

Then the next song came on--some vaguely Christian-sounding "Noel". And I realized that I had heard Santa Claus and His Old Lady over the intercom at a very mainstream and slightly Christian store and no one had even twitched. Are Cheech and Chong now so tame that no one even notices the "magic brownie" references? Very weird.


Ultimate DVD Collection. I am so glad I do not have any space on my credit cards. Dude.

Threadless' $10 shirt sale for two more days!

Fluorescent cats!

Craft the Vote!

Science tattoos


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