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While I am making great strides (LOL) in my knee recovery, I've reached the stage where my brain is tired of TV and reading and keeps telling me that I Need To Be Productive, Damnit. So I went on an errand--just a quick run to the pharmacy, the Asian grocery in the same strip center (frozen dumplings!), and the Post Office.

Spent the rest of the day on the couch, under the ceiling fan, with my cold pack on my leg. Ugh.

What killed me was standing in line at the Post Office though I wasn't in line for very long. Standing still for any length of time is...annoying. Plus it's hovering around 90F during the day with high humidity and a lot of haze coming up from Mexico where they're burning fields.

On Sunday I somehow managed to completely lose my main key chain--it had my house keys (unlabeled) and my Mazda car key/fob. Guess who couldn't find her spare car key, even after tearing apart the house and having a friend come over and look? So I used AAA to get the car towed--luckily I had left it unlocked after my last trip--and took it to the dealer. Thank goodness for an upgraded membership; at least the tow was free.

A couple of hours later, I had two shiny key fob/keys. They only cost the equivalent of TWO car payments and at least one water bill. 

And on Monday I had to have the appliance repair dude come out and work on the fridge.

However, I continue to astonish my home PT person. I have figured out how to not only clean the cat box, but how to move the big trash cans to and from the curb. (Her comment, "Now you're just showing off.") She's releasing me to outpatient PT next week.

How are YOU doin'?

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 Ugh, I suck at LJ nowadays. I'm mainly on FB and tumblr but I miss the conversations, you know?


I go back into the hospital tomorrow (Tuesday) to get Yet Another Knee Surgery. It seems that the base (tibial) part of my left replacement has decided to shift in the bone, causing my knee to bow out and put a lot of weird stresses on my lower leg, foot, hip, lower back, etc. I'll be in the hospital for 1-3 days, depending on how well I respond to the surgery. My money's on 2 days. :-) Then I have 6 weeks of recovery. Good thing I went back to cable!

So, one would assume that I have wisely spent the last 4 days productively, cleaning house, etc. Wrong! I was vending at WhoFest in Dallas.

I got to meet Eve Myles--she came by my booth on Friday. She was planning on coming back but had an unexpected set call so I didn't get to sell her anything. (FYI, she's lovely and has very good taste in perfume.) BUT I also met Wendy Padbury, the second Doctor's Companion, who not only won a set of my buttons at the charity auction, she came by the table on Sunday and bought a pair of Dalek earrings!

I also discovered that there are actual See's Candies stores in Dallas. I kept myself to one box of dark chocolates. I'm so good. :-)

Today I slept late, and my body has been telling me all day just how much it a) hates the fact that I've been off my arthritis meds for the week before surgery, and b) how much I overdid it this weekend. I picked up cat food and some things I need for the recuperation, and now I'm doing laundry and contemplating vacuuming the house.

But by this time tomorrow my leg should be pain-free. So there's that.
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So, I go back to work tomorrow after my 4 weeks off for my knee replacement. It will be interesting getting up at a set time and driving to work again. If history repeats I'll spend most if not all of my first couple of days digging through an enormous backlog of email. 

Recovery has been a bit different with this knee. The doc had to deal with a lot of bone spurs, so as a consequence I'm dealing with more post-surgery swelling. The incision itself has healed even faster than the first one did; it's as if my body went "Oh, you're doing this again. No problem." My surgeon's PA called me their poster child, I sent them cookies. (And Jeffrey Padalecki is officially part of their practice. She promised to harass him about his famous younger brother.)

I spent most of my time off being a complete slug except for going to PT and running errands and going to appointments that I could take care of so they wouldn't disturb work. I do have an appointment with my podiatrist this week to rework my orthotics since I am no longer bowlegged in either leg. :-) PT is coming along well though it will take a while for me to get full extension back on my knee. I hope to start going get back to the gym very soon. I'm soooo tired of being sloppy fat and having no stamina.

The Austin Celtic Festival may be my only late fall/Christmas show. I have my application and photos into a couple more but I won't hear from them until the end of the month. I'm going back into the shop this week to handle a Very Large Wholesale Order and a very interesting commission. 

I finally did a hard purge of my home workshop and sold 90% of my glass beads and set aside a lot of stone beads to get rid of at the next Gem & Mineral Society swap meet. Just not using them any more. (Then I went to the International Gem & Jewelry show. I bought cabochons, tools, beads for my kids necklaces, ammonites, and... 3 strands of beads made from sliced up amethyst geodes. I love the wholesale area.) And the Austin Gem & Mineral Society show is next weekend.

I renewed my lease and now I'm getting all new appliances in December! I'd love to move into a house with a garage but it's just not in the cards right now. At least I have a good workshop at J's garage. My friends made me a nice sturdy table for hammering and chasing, and I finally broke down and got my chasing resin. I really want to get back into chasing this winter.

Went out to try to find workout shorts and would up with a really nice new quilt for the winter. Why are all the affordable clothes in the larger sizes so damn fugly? I'm sticking to my t-shirts for now, thank you very much.

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Wound up being the first surgery of the day so I got to the hospital at 5 am. Which entailed getting up at 3:30. Bleah.

Unlike the other knee, the left one was absolutely covered in bone spurs. So it took a while, and I was in a really great amount of pain as I was waking up. I mean crying like a baby levels of pain, and I have an absurdly high pain threshold. They wound up giving me a nerve block which was also amusing (not).

Right now I am in no pain, I've had a remarkably good dinner, and have successfully used the walker to get to the restroom. Going to sleep soon.

Such was my day!
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I Have Seen the Future, and the Future is My Little Pony Fandom.

Oh. My. God.

They capped the pre-registration at 340. They were expecting a couple of hundred at the door, mostly one-day passes. The final door was over 900 attendees. From all over the country, not just locals!

All of this for a first-year My Little Pony convention.  :-)

(For the record, I am extremely jealous. I helped put on a shirt-lived mystery lovers convention and we would have killed for those numbers.)

Lots of young'uns, but a nice smattering of adults-that-weren't-parental-units too. And even though 2 other dealers in the small vendor's area had shirts, I had the most variety in styles, not to mention sizes. The young man next to me who was selling his handmade MLP plushes sold out by midday on Saturday. (I, and everyone else, told him to raise his prices. If you'll pay $120 you'll pay $150.) One very new vendor "sold out" and left on Saturday; they will not be asked back.The Asshole Weapons Dealer won't be asked back either, thank goodness.

My teeny borrowed notebook worked just fine. And while the wireless was great and my credit card machine got a signal, I could not get a phone call to save my life. Weird. Plus, it was freeeeeezing in there. The Evil Knee did Not Approve.

But the volunteers were lovely and helped me pack and get the boxes to be shipped up to the front desk, and everything is back in the storage locker, I have fed myself, money has been counted, and laundry is running.

All in all, a decent diversion from the upcoming surgery.
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Another Dragon*Con has come and gone. I saw [personal profile] wolfshark  and [personal profile] killerweasel  (though not at the same time, alas). Schedule conflicts kept [personal profile] wolfshark  and I from getting together, which was sad. Saw many many amazing costumes and took pictures of those I could. I was able to restrain myself (not wanting to walk helped) and only bought a bagful of books and a DVD (which was actually free)

Busy show, as usual. I really hate being open until 7, because by the time we get to eat it's after 8 and then all I want to do is go to bed.

The knee wasn't terrible, but I took my cane and used it without mercy all weekend. The airport security folks were very nice and waved me to short or empty lines, and neither of my flights were full, so I could sit on an aisle seat and stretch the Evil Knee.

I may be selling at WorldCon in San Antonio next year. TPTB at Dragon*Con have decided to move all the vendors (upstairs and down) into the Apparel Mart, a good 3 blocks away on the other side of the Westin Hotel. Needless to say, the vendors are extremely unhappy and most will be downsizing. So I went ahead and contacted San Antonio about a booth.

Got home and picked up my car from the mechanic's (ouch!), and then just about every day I've had some sort of medical appointment leading up to the surgery next Wednesday the 12th. The good thing about having had my other surgery this year is that all my deductibles have been met and I may have little to no out-of pocket expenses on this one.

Which is good, since my laptop caught a rootkit virus and is so borked I just threw up my hands and ordered a new one today. (It was 7 years old). I'm borrowing one for the show*  this weekend (as the lender put it, "It's already infected with VIsta, you can't do too much more to it") and my new one arrives Monday. $3.99 one-day amazon shipping FTW! I will take the old laptop in and see if they can recover/reformat it so I can pass it along to a buddy who could use a new one.

*BFF-- Brony Fan Fair. I kid you not.

More stuff

Aug. 22nd, 2012 11:07 pm
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The Austin Craft Riot show was nice. Load-in was easy, we had a lot of feet on the ground, and there was air conditioning! Sales were OK, nothing spectacular. I hope we do this again next year as it's nice to have an indoor show in August. They do need to redo the layout slightly to give us folks selling from tables some more room and a couple of escape corridors. I spoke to a couple of the committee members and they'll bring it up at the post-show meeting.
My neighbor was someone I vaguely remembered from my days running art shows at the Dallas Fantasy Fair/Fests. (We had a lot of fun making whispered comments, especially about the new trend in trashy clothing: Daisy Dukes--short-shorts--and cowboy boots.) And since she makes Tarot decks we did a trade for one of my necklaces and I scored a birthday present for a friend.

Got a lot of little things taken care of with the car and made an appointment to leave it with my mechanic while I'm at Dragon*Con to get the motor mounts replaced. Lucky I have that check for the pins, right?

When I was getting a ride to pick up my car at the shop we saw a police car pulled over but no other car. As we got closer the officer was talking to a guy. I turned and said "I bet he's walking around in his underwear and he's completely baked." Sure enough, as we got closer,. all he was wearing was a saggy sad pair of boxer-briefs and some Vans. And a really dazed expression. I now have another friend who thinks I'm a witch!

Only a couple more weeks until Knee Surgery #2. It can't come too soon. I can no longer extend my left leg all the way out, and now my lower back is giving me hell since I'm lurching again. Going through the airport for Dragon*Con is going to be So Much Fun.

I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises. It was interesting, when I could understand what the Hell Hardy was saying through the damned mask. It made me want two things: the Jonathan Gordon Levitt  Batman movie right now!, and to reread the Confessor arc in Astro City.

I also saw the Bourne Legacy.Bourne spoilers ahoy! )
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 ArmadilloCon went very well, sales-wise. I've had to put long hours in the workshop both weekends to refill my stock. Oh, darn. :-)

Seriously. 8-hour days both last weekend and this one. My hands hurt.

Delivered the pins at ArmadilloCon and finally got paid for them this week. \o/

Applied to get into the Cherrywood show again, but I'm not trying for Blue Genie. I've learned my lesson there.

Got new business cards. PK Graphics in Miami does a good job!

I ordered an ice cream maker from Google Goods. Received two, and let them know. Now I still have two, with their compliments. Until the World's Best Niece finally comes over to get the extra one.


One of my coworkers left for another position in the company, so now we're kind of frantically trying to get a replacement. (Which is why I didn't go after that position; I knew leaving on such short notice would screw us over.)

OMG knee surgery cannot come fast enough. My left knee is hurting so much when I walk now. Back to limping too. Boo.

The knee will make Dragon*Con fun! And wacky! Luckily Scott knows I'm Register Woman again.

As usual, in the It Never Rains But It Pours Department: after months of no calls for dog- or cat-sitting, I wound up doing both over the last 2 weeks. The cats I had taken care of before, but the dog was new. Fennel is a lovely smallish dog, very polite, who loves being scritched.

Going to see The Bourne Legacy tomorrow morning with [personal profile] dremiel  and her son. Then back to the workshop. Austin Craft Riot Show the 18th!
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More progress!

I have, over the last week, walked from my building to another to get lunch, and run errands at lunch. I know it sounds like small things, but I haven't been able to do either for about a year.

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

My physical therapist has been really working on my knees, and we've been also working on my walk. I still limp and I have to relearn how to walk without limping. Hard work!

I did a small show on Saturday at The Highball. It was last-minute; they had a couple of cancellations. It was inside and I didn't have to bring tables or a tent, plus it got me on the radar of the show organizer. Sales were meh, but I did make some money. Which is better than spending it at the Mini MakerFaire, which is what I was going to do. My knees were pretty good afterward--I was moving around a lot and keeping them from stiffening up. I went and played D&D for several hours, and then they stiffened up.

Saw The Avengers again on Sunday with my family. They hadn't seen it yet and half the fun was their reactions. I caught a lot of little things I'd missed the first time around, though I don't think 3D added much to it. I made them sit through the credits for the cute end bit.

I'm still trying to find a way to elevate my knees at work. Tomorrow I'll hit the fabric store to see if they have any decent foam rubber so I can make a wedge to fit under my legs and knees.

So, things are progressing. I should be in decent shape in time for Dragon*Con. ;-)

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Have now seen the home PT person twice. She is very impressed with my progress and warned me about going too fast. :-) Now that the bandage is off I am getting more twinges and weird sensations inside my knee. Still no real pain, so I'm ahead on that score. I get warning stabs when I bend too far or do something the knee isn't ready for yet, but the chronic pain I've been living with for so long is completely gone. The top right part of my knee is completely numb; I may or may not get sensation back.

I can tell that I'm using a lot of energy healing; I'm logy all day even after a decent night's sleep. No real ambition to do anything, though I am kinda bored. I get up, shower, breakfast, get in the CPM machine (or wait for the physical therapist), ice my knee, watch tv, someone comes over, more CPM, exercises, etc. I'm very glad for the National Geographic Channel, let me tell you. I have to keep my knee elevated which means all I can really do is surf the net, watch TV, and read.

I've also taken some kind of wobbly colt-steps without the walker. Weird sensation inside my knee--no pain, just weird, which I assume is my new knee joint moving around.

So far I have cards from my coworkers and [personal profile] tehomet , plus a really great flower arrangement in a smiley face mug from my company.  [personal profile] dremiel  came over today and gamely (she's a vegetarian) got me a pulled pork sandwich at Whole Foods. Who make a surprisingly good pulled pork sandwich.

My brother was supposed to drop by tonight but he went to a drug rep dinner so it may not happen. I mainly need him to shift the sofa as I think I dropped my debit card in there. *sigh*
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Well, Saturday was something of a bust, money-wise. I made my expenses back plus about $50. I think having the show on Easter weekend killed us. But I did get a few things made!

Onyx pendantAn amazing piece of onyx I picked up a while back.
Azurite pendantI just bought this piece of azurite at the trunk show only about a month ago.

I went out with [personal profile] nwhepcat  today, since she is visiting Austin. Took her to The Highball where we had their amazing fried chicken. Then we went CD shopping, we had Amy's Ice Cream, and we wandered around the Wildflower Center. (Well, she did most of the wandering, I lazed about on a shady bench and enjoyed the breeze and all the great flowers.) After chatting in the cafe for a while, we decided we were all tuckered out, so we made a stop at Whole Foods for dinner-type-food, and I dropped her off where she is staying. It was great! And I wish I wasn't having surgery on Tuesday so we could go do many more things.

I found a great CD called Winchester Mystery House by a local band called The Hex Dispensers--think tthe Ramones if they had played way too much D&D. They're great. (Sample song title: "It's *Your* Funeral, Minion".)

Now I'm doing laundry after lying in bed for about an hour, waiting for my legs to stop yelling at me. I've been off my pain meds for the surgery and Tylenol blunts some of the pain, but I'm getting a lot of pains from other parts of my body that I normally don't feel. Bleah.

Day after tomorrow!
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Reason #598 I love Justified:
Raylan: Ever get the feelin' that God's laughin' at ya?
Art: Why? Just because we shot the guy that's lookin' to kill the guy that you're just dying to see dead?

I swear, this show just keeps getting better and better. I think I'm in love with Art.

In Knee News, the left knee is being much better. The patella is looser and I can walk a bit more evenly.

Had dinner with [personal profile] sadpear  last night at a place called The Highball. I had the fried chicken and boy, was it amazing! Brined and cooked beautifully, not greasy at all. We got there late enough to miss the happy hour crowds of hipsters, thank goodness. I wound up selling the THINK pendant I was wearing to our lovely server, who was a fellow nerd. :-)

Still working on the apartment. Got rid of the last of the coffee tables and I'm moving a few things to my storage unit. Right now I'm washing all my blankets to put into storage bags for the summer. I need to take a box to Goodwill and pick up a little folding table at at Target. Still need to vacuum and do some kitchen cleaning. I absolutely have to get into the workshop before next Friday since I have a show in Burnet and I want to get a few pieces done, including a couple more THINK pendants.

Nice week

Mar. 25th, 2012 06:55 pm
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My left knee is finally responding to physical therapy. I really want it to be in kind of decent shape before the surgery.

The living room is slowly taking shape. I moved all my DVDs around and culled them pretty hard, and started a box of stuff for Goodwill. I'm taking the other coffee table and whatever I toss in the box there this week. I got some magazine holders and put some of my cooking magazines in one and culled the other stack of magazines for usable recipes. Lots of ripped up magazines went to the recycle bin!

Picked up some organizational stuff for the workshop. You know, the workshop I didn't make it to this weekend. *sigh* Too many errands, too many commitments. I'm going to do my best to get there in the evenings this week to get everything sorted out so it will be ready to go when I can get back post-surgery.

I ordered lenses for my new glasses frames. Costco FTW! My opthamologist was right, frames are now the cheap part of my new glasses. Stupid bifocals.

In fannish news, Justified continues to make me ridiculously happy. Last week, Raylan was thoroughly pwned by two older women, who he was frankly condescending to. One just dressed him down, the other poured a milkshake in his lap. And knowing Raylan, it will happen again.
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Three weeks until I go under the knife. Every short errand that leaves me in pain also makes me more impatient.

This weekend, with much help from the amazing sister-in-law and several friends, the workshop got moved. It's not entirely set up yet (I need to figure out where everything will go and get at least one more surge protector), but it's done. I apparently have as many tools as my brother, LOL. Now I can start on all the pins for WorldCon.

One of my coffee tables is now gone and the TV is on a bookcase. I plan on putting most of my DVDs in it after I get the other coffee table out of the apartment. I really need to clean up the living room and bedroom, put books up, throw junk away, etc.

I have a show in Burnet the weekend before the surgery, and I'm thinking seriously of cancelling. I really want to do it, I just don't know that I will have the time. *sigh* If I do cancel, I'd better do it ASAP.

Got my new glasses frames in the mail and I'm taking them and another pair in to get lenses. These are exactly like the ones I have now except for the color. I'm having sunglass lenses put into my titanium frames from a couple of years ago. Thankfully I will get most of what I spend back--I do appreciate my insurance's vision plan.

Went to a trunk show for Rings & Things on Sunday. Mostly spent money on more pliers *g*, but I picked up a really nice strand of A grade malachite beads that I plan on putting in my wire earrings. I want to get a lot of wire work done in my convalescence.

Knee Stuff

Mar. 1st, 2012 07:34 pm
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Went in to see my surgeon today and set a surgery date--April 10. He's pretty aggressive about physical therapy; he gave me a list of exercises to do every day until the surgery. I'm also going to go in and get PT for my other leg, which has been compensating for the crap knee. It's in bad shape right now--it won't straighten all the way and there's a lot of internal swelling. The surgeon told me he will get me up on my feet the afternoon of the surgery and I should be out of the hospital in a couple of days. Then it will be 2-3 weeks at home with home therapy and (probably) going out of my mind.

Before that I'll have the apartment maintenance guy install a hand-held shower head. And I still need to move my workshop. And I have 2 shows.

Speaking of which, Austin-area peeps! Come out to the inaugural Round Rock Market Days this Saturday. 9-4, "downtown historic Round Rock". 95 booths, all juried. Food, farmers stalls, and entertainment. Plus, you know, I'll be there. Come say hi!
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Wow, sorry I haven't been posting for a while. Things have been busy and a little weird and, you know, stuff.

Went to Genghis Con in Denver last weekend to sell shirts. God, I hate airports with my knee. Too many long distances, having to carry my laptop and my CPAP machine. Logan Airport, at least, doesn't even have those little electric carts running around. Just for the record? Those moving sidewalks are not an adequate substitute.

Anyway, the show itself was, as usual, fun. The Dealer's Room coordinator is a really nice guy who for some weird reason likes having me there. Sales were quite good, and Needleforge was there, so I bought an owlbear and a goblin, as well as a couple of battle hamsters from someone sharing her table, and a crocheted squid and a jellyfish from another vendor. Nothing else, just fuzzy goodness.

I have a show this weekend--the inaugural Round Rock Market Days. The Nephew will thankfully help me set up and my always-amazing sister-in-law will help me tear down. I have a show the first Saturday in April (inside, easy setup) and the first Saturday in May (Brentwood), and the Gem & Mineral Society Swap Meet in mid-April. Plus, I now have the commission for the Hugo Loser's Pins for WorldCon. Which is around 100 pieces. By Labor Day. And I'll have to move my workshop by the end of March. Busy? Me?

I did finally go see another surgeon about getting my knee replaced. This one took x-rays and told me "I could do you tomorrow if you wanted". We talked about injections, and cortisone, but I really want to get this damn thing fixed. I've asked around, and he has a great reputation. He does a lot of heavier people, and since he would prefer that I lose some weight and get in better shape, I'm joining the Y on Monday. I have another appointment with him in 6 weeks, where I'll talk to him more about when we want to do this. I also need to talk to my team lead about the best time for me to be out of the office for 2-3 weeks.

I know a few of you have had this operation or are related to someone who has. Is going back to a desk job 2-3 weeks after the operation unrealistic?
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It's been a scattered ten days or so, so this is a scattered post.

More, more, more! behind the cut. )So, how have YOU been?
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My amazing friend D came over to the park this morning and helped me unload the wagon, set up the tent, tables, etc. Her help was greatly appreciated, as the Evil Knee really dislikes me carrying things and, you know, walking a lot. I'm ready to go and we are opening earlier than advertised...10:30 instead of 12:00. This came as something of a surprise to everyone, including the vendor coordinator. I guess this is to help people with the traffic on I-35 due to the Longhorns home game. But since it's not on the website or anything, whether we get any sales is unknown.

I got my first hot chocolate of the season! I very carefully put it next to my parking brake, pulled out of the lot....and it fell over. My car now smells really good, yet I have not had my hot chocolate. :-(

My feet and knees are all very unhappy with me. My podiatrist looked at my alignment a couple of weeks ago and said that instead of my feet rolling out and me being a bit bowlegged, everything rolls in now. So he added wedges to my orthotics, and my legs are aligned again--but the muscles around my knees and feet are having to work harder, so they ache more.

Got my change, picked up my snacks/drinks for the weekend, and I plan on getting some more things wrapped tonight while I watch Fringe, Supernatural, and Grimm. I continue to adore Prime Suspect. OMG, such good writing.

House-hunting continues and I should see some more next week. We (as in my brother and sister-in-law) may be putting in a few offers. *fingers crossed*
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I have my schedule tentatively mapped out. I know I'm going to Wootstock on Thursday night and the Slasher's Dinner on Friday. I am donating blood at noon on Thursday. Friday and Sunday I will be camped out in Hall H. Hoping to meet up with [personal profile] crimsonquills  for dinner or breakfast sometime. I have a short list of things folks want me to look for (let me know ASAP, guys!). Still need to grab a poster tube or two and doublecheck that my carryon bag will indeed fit inside my larger one. Apartment needs cleaning. Getting a trim tomorrow since I don't like the way my latest cut is shaping up.

Cut for whingeing about Evil Knee )
...sorry about that, sometimes I just need to vent. Anyway, if you have reasonable requests from Comic Con (I'm looking at you, [personal profile] dremiel !), let me know ASAP. I like having goals when I shop.
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Weird up-and-down week(ish).

Up: I came back from California to discover that my sister-in-law (all praise her name) had CLEANED MY APARTMENT. I mean CLEANED, as in mopped the floors, put things away, reorganized my kitchen, dusted I first noticed it when I walked into the kitchen and wondered why it was so bright in there. :-)

Down: My knee was giving me seven kinds of hell all week from all I put it through at KublaCon and afterward. I missed my workout Thursday morning due to exhaustion and my Evil Knee being recalcitrant.

Up: Saturday I went to the farmer's market and ran some errands with my friend L. Got leeks, eggs, bacon, carrots, and bison. Visited the LEGO store in the mall. Went to gaming. While I was gone, my amazing sister-in-law (all praise her name) got a friend to come over and run my U-Verse cable up across the ceiling so I wouldn't trip on it any more. While he did this, he set up a wireless network in the apartment and she added a wireless printer. \o/

On Sunday I saw X-Men United. Great movie. Slashiness off the charts. Could have done without some of the non-entity characters and more X-Men history.

Down: Had to stand in line for almost an hour. Lost an earring at the show. Knee really gave me grief, so much so that I took Monday off. Work this week has been dull, annoying, and monotonous. Running three crappy errands last night almost put me in tears, my knee hurt so bad. Had a crying jag this morning. Haven't lost any real weight in the 20 weeks I've been in the HEED program.
Up: Blood work from my checkup is excellent! Ordered some more shiny tools to try coloring coins with permanent inks. Bought myself flowers. Have read some very good books: Super Freakonomics, Ghost Map, The Lizard King, Flower Confidential, and Fuzzy Nation. I also reread Sunshine. (I read a lot when I'm flying and I've been on a shortish non-fiction kick lately.) Bought my ticket to the Comic Con Slasher's Dinner.


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