May. 10th, 2016

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While I am making great strides (LOL) in my knee recovery, I've reached the stage where my brain is tired of TV and reading and keeps telling me that I Need To Be Productive, Damnit. So I went on an errand--just a quick run to the pharmacy, the Asian grocery in the same strip center (frozen dumplings!), and the Post Office.

Spent the rest of the day on the couch, under the ceiling fan, with my cold pack on my leg. Ugh.

What killed me was standing in line at the Post Office though I wasn't in line for very long. Standing still for any length of time is...annoying. Plus it's hovering around 90F during the day with high humidity and a lot of haze coming up from Mexico where they're burning fields.

On Sunday I somehow managed to completely lose my main key chain--it had my house keys (unlabeled) and my Mazda car key/fob. Guess who couldn't find her spare car key, even after tearing apart the house and having a friend come over and look? So I used AAA to get the car towed--luckily I had left it unlocked after my last trip--and took it to the dealer. Thank goodness for an upgraded membership; at least the tow was free.

A couple of hours later, I had two shiny key fob/keys. They only cost the equivalent of TWO car payments and at least one water bill. 

And on Monday I had to have the appliance repair dude come out and work on the fridge.

However, I continue to astonish my home PT person. I have figured out how to not only clean the cat box, but how to move the big trash cans to and from the curb. (Her comment, "Now you're just showing off.") She's releasing me to outpatient PT next week.

How are YOU doin'?


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