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[personal profile] tzi wrote me a drabble, so I owe her one:

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OK, [profile] researchgrrl asked for the Tarantula Story, to go with her possum story:

OK, I grew up in Midland Texas. My mother was fond of the long road trip, and on one of these though the "picturesque" desolation that is far West Texas on the way back from New Mexico, we saw a "tarantula migration":
(Somehow I thought an article from the Journal of Archeology was appropriate).
I guess my brother was 16. He insisted that we stop the car and he caught one of them in a jar he'd punched holes in the lid of. Jar went into trunk, we went home.
Opened trunk.
Jar had been unscrewed. No tarantula. We left the trunk open for a while, but assumed that it had been squished already. Then my brother had to go to the store, and like a good little sister, I wanted to go along. But I wanted to finish my book, so I waited in the car.
I was reading one of those Doc Savage novel reprints. I just remember that I'd gotten to a creepy part, when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.
There was an enormous (at least to 8-year-old eyes) tarantula walking across the dashboard.
I'm pretty sure I teleported out of the car.
When my brother got back, it was gone; I kept my feet on the seat all the way home. We left all the doors open for a couple of hours, and when I went outside later to check, one of the neighbor kids had lined up perfectly along the spider, and all that was left was an oozy tire track with 8 pathetic little legs around it.
You know, I kinda like tarantulas. I think it was the "smart stalker tarantula" that got to me.

And [profile] nemo_gravis wrote me a fic! Very funny BtVS/Dr. Who crossover. Read and enjoy.
So the way these things work, I now owe fic to folks?

Bring it on. I can try SGA, BtVS, Dr. Who, NCIS, Highlander, Firefly.... I am personally very fond of crossovers.

It's been a while, I wrote my first attempt at fic in oh, TWENTY YEARS only recently. So, first 5 requests get fic!
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OK, after weeks of crushing workloads, it's dead here at work. I wish I could bring in my tools and work on some pieces, but hey, I can download stuff here a lot faster then at home, so....

Anyway, a friend sent this to me, and I thought I would do my Civic Duty and pass it along:
Does your fire-suppression system come with an off switch? 
It should!

Heh. It almost begs for fic, doesn't it? Unbeta-ed!


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