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[personal profile] melagan is hosting a John Sheppard: That Thing we Don't Talk About or Hug Meme.  

My thread is here.

It's weird. I'm very tired, headachy, and my Eustachian tubes (my ears some too) hurt. My throat hurts intermittently. Taking out the trash left  me exhausted, and the less said about how I feel after buying cat food and Maxi Pads (because everything has to happen at once, you know) the better. I did treat myself to a box of Russel Stover Assorted Dark Chocolates and the only canned iced tea I really like: AriZona Black & White, because it a) tastes like iced tea, and b) is only flavored with sugar, and not a huge amount of that.

Court Overturns Sex Toy Ban in Texas --- YAY!
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(gakked from [ profile] dremiel)
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Yep, and one of them is my cousin. :-) If my aunt was still alive, I'd know two of them. Wait, I know one other, she's a psychiatrist here in town who doesn't go by her first name (mine), but I do sometimes get calls and mail for her.

Anyway, called in sick today because I got the Japanese Document From Hell to the point where anyone with 1/4 of a brain could work on it yesterday, so today I'm giving the virus or whateverthehellitis a chance to work its way out of my system. The first step was, apparently, to sleep for 13 hours, or until my brother called to check up on me. *facepalm*

I will have to leave the bosom of my apartment briefly today--I'm almost out of cat food. At least the weather is still nice, even though it's supposed to turn disgusting tomorrow and Saturday. The cats are all freaked out that I'm home. I guess I'm interrupting plans of World Domination or their sleep patterns or something equally important.

...and Happy Valentines Day for those who celebrate.
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Home early again.

Went to the doctor; it's neither strep nor the flu. Just something that makes me feel crappy. So far I haven't gone into the gym this week and I'm not even going into my jewelry class tonight. :-(

To add insult to injury, it's "Teen Jeopardy" week. Questions so easy my cat could answer them.

I want to move things around in the apartment, but all I'm good for is lying on the couch and muttering at the TV.

Last Day!

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