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I have never, ever, gone to a concert because of the hotness of the band or the lead singer.

...until tonight, when I am going to see Christian Kane at Antone's.

(hangs head in shame)
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Well, now that my ears have stopped ringing... :-)

This was an awful lot of fun. I had never seen the Murphys live (they always play at midnight on a Tuesday, or are in a huge tour I have no interest in).

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 I saw They Might Be Giants last night. The World's Best Niece and her friends were supposed to meet up with me and my friend, but apparantly they were very late to the show and we never saw them.

I love TMBG. Who else has a pre-show tape that's a mix of things including Joan Jett, jazz guitar, and John Prine? Plus, we had a possum run across the power line that hangs above the audience. Outdoor shows at Stubb's are excellent, and not just because they sell $5 BBQ sandwiches and put out free cold water and cups for patrons.

The opening act, Oppenheimer (two guys from Dublin), sound like what TMBG would if it had been started in the 21st century instead of the 1980s. Nice guys, even though the guitarist got all his moves from Jack Black and they listened to way too much Frampton in their formative years. They also have a weird obsession with an airhorns. They were quite good--TMBG rarely picks sucky opening acts.

The show was, as usual, a hoot and a half. I miss the days when I'd run up and get right on the rail at the stage, but neither my knees nor my patience are up for that these days. We were back near the sound booth, and even though you couldn't always hear Linnell very well (he has a weird reedy voice), I knew all the songs anyway. (Heck, so did most of the audience. We always sing along.) They played a lot more of their really old stuff than I expected. They explained, about halfway through, that their drummer was at the hospital with his wife and new baby son. Awww. The drummer (I've forgotten his surname, it's Frank-something), is a session player in Austin and he picked up the set in ONE DAY (which is why we had older stuff). We were all very impressed.

Only real suck of the night? Two tall guys in front of us, who kept talking. And talking. And moving around and screwing with our sightlines. (It's a standing-room venue.) And they knew they were being assholes (I caught them looking back at us once in a while), and they kept doing it. Guys, if you didn't want to watch the show, you should have told the chick you were with and not come at all. Or stayed in the very back, where all the conversationalists were. I wanted so hard to plant my size 8's in their pseudo-hipster butts.

They played almost all of my favorite songs except for "James K. Polk". I would have thought it was an obvious choice, given that it's an election year. And they opened with the Venue Song for Stubbs. Hee! Plus, we all have future jobs as clappers--Austin knows how to keep time with the music, what a shock.

I acquired a t-shirt and a window sticker for the car. Another plus? The vendor: no black t-shirts, no upcharges for sizes, and he was willing to give honest opinion on size, etc.

Tomorrow is Dropkick Murphys. World's Best Niece says we must get close to the stage. I hope my feet survive....


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