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I keep meaning to post and meaning to post, but I open up the window and stare at the blank screen and go "...fuck it" and go do something else. Like play Threes on my iphone (OMG addicting game).

The foot surgery went fine, despite me being moved from the much-less-expensive surgical center to the hospital proper because my BMI was too high. The hell? Yes, I'm overweight and working on it, but I will defy you to find a "thin" person who has better bloodwork, etc. than I do. *sigh* I had pins sticking out of my toe for a month, and I had to wear a boot-thing, then stiff-soled sandals for another 2 weeks, but it is now a pretty darned happy foot and I'm back to my regular routine at the gym, etc. Which is good since I need to be in good condition to visit San Francisco in July!

The house continues to be scary but wonderful. I mean, I get compliments on it ALL THE TIME, and so far nothing major has gone splooey. We had a nice heavy set of rainstorms last week and since I put up my redneck retaining wall* on the side of my driveway that gets all the runoff from my neighbor's roof, there was no water in the garage afterwards! I need to add some concrete to the base of one of the poles on my chain link fence in the back yard since it's rusted out right at the base and frankly the money isn't there to do a major repair. I may do that tomorrow if I get up early enough for it not to be a damned sauna outside. I finally caved and turned on the AC, probably for good for the season, last night. The humidity was just too gross and I couldn't sleep.

I have changed doctors; I'm no longer seeing my brother. Which is good as I get the impression he's been phoning it in for quite a while. My new guy seems OK; he never mentioned my weight and gave me a couple of suggestions about why I'm having "hot flashes" when there is no way I'm going through menopause yet. (Heartburn, who'd've thunk?)

Also, I have moved all of my LJ entries over here, so if you have a DW account and I'm not in your circle, can you add me? I don't really trust our Russian Overlords not to get taken down by Putin.

* There was a pile of that cheap scalloped concrete brick in the back yard, which got moved in the rain because I am crap about planning ahead sometimes. It looks junky, but you can't see it from the street and it seems to be working so far. I'll replace it with something nicer as soon as my budget permits.

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Well, it's official. I have my first broken bone.

Remember the toe? That my MD brother said wasn't broken? Well, last week I looked at it and said "This ain't right." to the cat, who was very unimpressed. I made an appointment with my podiatrist, who took x-rays and told me it was REALLY REALLY NO I MEAN IT BADLY BROKEN.

And, of course, it needs surgery, because that's just how I roll. He may also fix the bunion on that foot while he has the hood up; I'll know in a day or so.

My trainer gave me the exact same look my podiatrist did when I told them it really doesn't hurt (it doesn't). I'm beginning to think I may have missed my calling as a linebacker or MMA fighter.

So, right now we are tentatively set for April 2nd, not quite 2 years to the day after my first knee replacement. I already have a ticket to see Captain America 2 on that Friday and the Gem & Mineral Society's Swap Meet is the next Saturday. I want this done ASAP, as....

I am TAKING A VACATION OMG. Got the tax refund back (thank you, house!), and blew part of it on a ticket to San Francisco over the 4th of July, in order to take advantage of vacation days, a couple of excellent friends, and my 50th birthday the following week. No shows, no family, no commitments. Just FUN. And possibly baseball. (Just checked, they are playing the Cardinals the 1st-3rd. Awesome!)

House continues apace. I replaced my shower head and I 'm down to 3 boxes in the living room. House warming is the 29th, so I need to get art up on the walls!
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I'm going to brag on myself just a tad.

My brother-in-law (sister's widower), has had a really bad run lately. First Cindy died--they'd been married 28 years--then both his parents died. THEN his asshole of a boss fires him. So I'd been pestering him about getting on unemployment, about contacting whoever is executing his parents' estate, etc. etc. As I do, when I worry.

About 3 weeks ago, an old friend posted on FB that she was looking for techs in the Midland/Odessa area (where he lives). I forwarded her his information, and after some back-and-forth, they made him an offer this morning. I just sent him the funds via Western Union (pricey!) to get his driver's license reinstated. He'll be driving around in a company van, fixing ATMs. Not what he was doing, which was CAD work for oil companies, but at least he can pay rent and get out of his apartment.

This is what I love to do. Make connections and Get Things Done. Wish I was doing more of it in my day job, but I'll take it where I can get it.

House: Still unpacking, down to a handful of boxes in the living room, a couple in the bedroom, and several in the office/indoors workshop. I *may* have found someone to take the Utterly Huge Workbench out of my garage--seriously, the damn thing is 8 feet long, 7 feet tall, and almost 3 feet deep, and is in the Wrong Spot in the garage--and while the workshop is a Progress, I'm getting work done. I've trimmed the plants in the yard and gotten up the non-yard leaves. Since I now have a nice sharp lawnmower blade I may mow this weekend if the grass dries out enough.

TV: I am now officially addicted to The Blacklist. OMG Kevin Spacey! I may never forgive Person of Interest, American Horror Story is the Good Crack, Agents of SHIELD is finally coming together, and I just mainlined The Returned, a deliciously creepy French zombie miniseries. I hold out hopes for the return of Supernatural and Elementary, and Teen Wolf is still as wacky as ever. Justified came back with a bang (10 or 11 bodies?). And Sherlock. There's more, of course. But I have to read the new Pratchett book sometime....
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Sunday was InLawMas. Went over to my sister-in-law's family Christmas, which they have always been gracious enough to invite me to. I took over a basket of earrings and tie bars, plus a couple of gift cards for a new mom and a college guy who would have no use for a tie bar. I got a couple of gift cards and a nice bottle of wine. We ate until we all fell over, then I went home and did laundry. :-)

Christmas and Christmas Eve were very pleasant. I do Christmas Eve with my friends J and L and J's mom. It was kind of low-key, because L's hedgehog had died that day. So, she wasn't very upbeat. (The vet said it looked like the breeder had been very bad with inbreeding; Lilo's heart was about 4x too large and there were other anatomical problems. (Though personally I've never seen the point in having a pet with a maximum lifespan of 5 years, she was a very cute and friendly critter.))

We went out to Threadgills to have a dinner we didn't have to make--yay grilled pork chops and applesauce and chocolate icebox pie!) and then we went back to open presents. Everyone liked what they got--I know I put a lot of thought into their presents, since I've known them for almost 30 years!

Christmas Day, the World's Best Niece and I went over to my brother's house. We had breakfast (Aunt Mary's rolls, bacon, and homemade eggnogg) and watched Emily, the visiting Golden Retriever, destroy things. My nephew called and we did stockings--stockings are big in my family--and presents, and talked and talked. Then the Niece went off to do Newly-Single-Woman Christmas with her mom and I went home to watch Hogfather.

My friends from Connecticut are in town, so we went to dinner last night and talked and talked. We're going to dinner tonight and then we're all watching the Dr Who Christmas Special, among other things.

House: In the midst of all this I had the home warranty folks over to work on the oven, which I noticed was running 5-75F too hot. Not only was the thermostat in need of replacement but the igniter needed to be replaced. The thermostat is ordered, and at least it's only running about 25F too hot now...I've also trimmed back all my plantings and raked up some of the leaves. At least I can see the sidewalks now! I'm torn between putting them out for the trash guys or starting a compost pile.

Tomorrow IkkiCon starts, so I'm spending about half of my vacation time dealing with tween and high school anime fans. Yay. The cash will be nice, though.


Dec. 5th, 2013 10:24 pm
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 Well, that was a long break. I apologize. In my defense, life has been one insane thing after another.

I'm now about 65% unpacked, mostly due to my friends L & J and having them and J's mother over for Thanksgiving. I may not have a real kitchen table, but one of my folding tables looks pretty good with a Target-on-sale tablecloth and placemats. Thanksgiving went well; I introduced L to the tradition of Let's Go To A Movie While The Crazy People Watch Football. Thor 2 was just as fun the second time around.

The workshop is up and running though I know I will be futzing with it for a long time. I went and bought a table setup at IKEA's 'table bar'--there's legs on one end and an Alex 7-drawer unit on the other. (I love putting together IKEA furniture. Everything fits!) So I now have a dedicated enameling space, which is really sweet. I did discover that when the previous owners re-sodded the back yard they screwed with the runoff, so the garage has gotten quite wet twice now. I think I know where to apply a shovel, though. It may not look pretty, but it should fix the problem.

Haven't gotten any of the things done to the place that I wanted, since the maintenance man from my old complex completely flaked on me and hasn't answered repeated emails, texts, or calls. So getting the screen door and the storm door installed is on hold for now. *sigh*

The Austin Celtic Festival went well--the weather was incredibly great (after we had a record flood 2 days before). My sales were very solid but I could tell that I needed to have the deeper inventory that I usually do. Moving really cut into jewelry making, though.

I was going to have an outdoor show this weekend, usually one of my better ones, but we're going to have crappy freezing weather all weekend, so they cancelled it. At least I might have time to finally hang Christmas lights and get the last of the books out of the second bedroom, since my sister-in-law has bought a small sofa bed to put in there so she has a place to stay when she comes into town. It gets delivered next Saturday. 

Speaking of nice things, a couple of my friends sold their house (for way too much money), and since they are downsizing to a condo, they offered me a lot of lawn equipment--a Black & Decker chargeable lawn mower, a leaf blower, rakes, shovels, pruners/loppers/saws. a shelf, a window AC unit to replace the old one in the garage, a dehumidifier, sprinklers, and a big floor fan. Now all I need is a weed trimmer!

I'm still missing the hell out of my sister. She would have really gotten a kick out of this house. :-(
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 Wow, I've been really remiss.

With the help of several friends, the apartment got packed in plenty of time for the movers to show up last Monday morning. As I promised, the only things they had to move were furniture and boxes. I must have made 20 trips with my wagon, hauling clothes and lamps and artwork (thank you, [personal profile] sadpear !) and all that loose stuff that wouldn't have made sense to pack into boxes. Including the cats. ;-)

Even with the side trips to my storage unit and my workshop, they had me moved in 4 hours. I was very impressed! Then I went back to the apartment and spackled holes and got that one last load of crap out. 

Over next couple of days: the AT&T guy showed up (early!), and got me all set up, I got the bathroom unpacked, moved some furniture, bought lots of stuff at Home Depot/Lowes, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store.... I took a break on Thursday and had lunch and ran about with [personal profile] nwhepcat on her visit (mmm, Ms P's Electric Cock). I figured out how to use the washer and dryer, took my Christmas order from Dragon's Lair, and tried to catch up on my sleep.

Back to my regular routine on Monday, including the gym! And I'm hoping for good weather this weekend for the Austin Celtic Festival.

So, that was my week, how was yours?
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 Yesterday morning I met Kay the Realtor at THE HOUSE to do a walk-through before the closing. I met one of the owners, and I joked that I'd actually bought the workshop with an attached house. Her response? "That's one of the reasons we sold it to you." (!)

Upon further contemplation, I can live with the red kitchen, though I  still want to repaint the dining area. On my list: get window(s) installed in garage, screen door on garage, storm door on back door, possibly seal the workshop floor, replace vent fans in master bath. I'd love to replace the carpet in the last two rooms, but that's probably out of my price range right now. :-(

Then I went and Signed All The Papers. Both Kay and my Awesome Loan Agent were there to hold my hand. Kay gave me this awesome binder with all sorts of pockets for everything. Then she took me out to lunch. :-)

About 3:00, I get a call from the title company. They caught a mistake at the seller's closing. I owed more money. :-( Not a HUGE amount, but still, a chunk. 

I should be getting a key and a check for my rent today. (The sellers are paying my apartment rent in October as part of their one month leaseback.)

And here it is:
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 Of the good:

The loan for the house is in underwriting. So far we are on track for a 9/10 closing. And I don't have to move in September! My sellers had to back out of their home, so they need the time to find a new place. I'm doing a leaseback for a month and I'll move in late October. Which is better for me since I won't have to run myself into the ground with shows and the move in September. Plus, it might actually be cooler. Though that's only about a 50/50 chance. :-)

The Austin Craft Riot Summer Show was a good one! Indoors with A/C and we got a lot of nice publicity. I sold both Dr Who switch plates (within about 5 minutes of each other), and wrapped up a few new pieces. Sales were solid for a non-holiday show. My friends J and L came and helped me tear down, which always makes things go faster.

Of the bad:

I've lost 2 more people in the last week or so. A fellow vendor, Jo Peshek, passed away in her sleep last week. She was fighting metastatic melanoma. She was funny and smart and a helluva lot of fun to talk to.

I got a call from the World's Best Niece on Friday. (An actual phone call, mind you. This is a rare occurrence.) She wanted to let me know that a good friend of the family, a man I've known since I was in grade school, had killed himself. Sheldon was my brother's best friend in high school and later; was the best man at his wedding. He lent me his beloved Buick to take my driving test. He was fabulous and witty and knew more about diamonds and jewelry than anyone else I've ever met. He had a wife and son. I'm torn between sympathy (I was suicidal in my teens) and rage (how dare he do that to his wife and son!). I've been thinking a lot about him this week.

Of the both:

Sunday morning I was driving to the show when I heard a tremendous "flap-flap-flap" from the front left wheel of the car. It went away after a while, and I went to my garage first thing Monday morning. My tire had decided to start peeling apart and bits had gotten all up in my brakes. My mechanic got all the bits out and put my full-sized spare on. When I went to Discount Tire, they discovered that all 3 of the tires were like that (probably due to having bad shocks/struts for about a year--fixed now). But since they were pretty new, they replaced them at a substantial discount. And it's a much quieter ride now!

Now i just have to get an alignment and inspection. And my car radio has stopped working--not getting any power--but I think that may be a fuse.

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I have now signed approximately 1 million pieces of paper. I have a good loan rate, the insurance quote is reasonable, and so far there appear to be no bumps in the road. The appraisal is happening this week; I should know Friday or Monday.

They've replaced the vanity in the smaller bathroom, which is nice. 

I've been getting weird quotes on moving. Seriously, they're ranging from $400- $1000. "Oh, it will take at least 8 hours to move you!" Bullshit. It's a small 2-bedroom apartment. I'm going to move all my clothes and art and electronics and loose things (vacuum, etc.) myself. It's going to be boxes and furniture, and while I will have a LOT of boxes--I have a LOT of books--I really don't have much in the way of furniture. It's not going to take any 8 hours, I assure you. I'm going with one of the hourly rate guys, I think. They seem the most efficient. But if anybody local has suggestions, please pass them along.

The plan is to have a packing/move loose stuff party a couple of days before the move and pay a cleaning service the day after. Then the next week is FenCon.

...and I just got a notice that I am a possible marrow match. Why now?

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 Oh yeah, I haven't told you about this one, have I? Let me sum up. Hmm. A lot has happened in the last week. I'll keep to the house-related bits.

I had Friday and Monday off this past weekend. I checked my email that morning and found several houses, one of which had a garage already set up for a workshop. Made appointment with Kay to go see them Saturday morning after I made a run to the farmer's market. 

Go to farmer's market. Buy stuff. It's drizzling, yay!  Head out to see houses.

Readers, I Fell In Love.

Not big, ~1200 sq. ft. Detached garage that was already fully wired and lighted and had a window AC installed. Lovely, lovely house. Some repainting needed--a red kitchen, really?--a small yard with well-established grass and trees, only two rooms carpeted (less to remove), etc. etc. Kay looked around and asked if we should just go back and put in an offer? I said we should go look at the others on the list because you never know. But I DID want to put an offer in.

The other houses were terrible. Every single one had obvious and monstrous foundation issues. So back home we go, and Kay starts on the offer paperwork. I clean. I text my sister-in-law about the house. She loves it too.

Loves it enough to offer me a substantial amount of money to help with the down payment, etc. (swoons)

I let Kay know. I have dinner, I go sign papers. They want more than it's really worth, for the neighborhood. So we sweeten the deal on the back end--cover closing costs, offer to pay for the appliances, etc., while offering a price more in line with the area/size of house, etc.

Sunday night they counter-offer. Monday, I accept, because I WANT THIS HOUSE.

Inspection is set for Wednesday. 

Inspection goes well!! The house needs new ducting as the original was crappy plastic and it's disintegrating. Also the dryer vent (it's always the dryer vent) is almost completely clogged. Plus some other issues, nothing major. We send off the amendment to the offer.

Thursday after work I give my 60 days notice at the apartment. Two hours later, Kay calls me to tell me they'll fix everything we asked for and probably some more besides. (Being nice to people's bottom line works! Woo!)

This morning I initialed the amendment. I contacted my loan person and told her to start the appraisal process. I'm seeing her Monday.


And my timing SUCKS. I have a major show on the 17th-18th. Then WorldCon over Labor Day weekend. Then FenCon the first weekend in October. And I'm selling shirts at Brony Fan Fair in there too.

*breathes deep* I can do this, I can do this.

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House.... )
Cancer... )

On a lighter note, my birthday week (aside from crappy sister-related news) has been...interesting. I was massively stressed out before the inspection, but I did make it to the gym both days this week. My trainer is greatly supportive and he was shocked to learn I was turning 49--he swore he thought I was 39! Nice ego-boost.

Had dinner at my favorite place--24Diner--on my birthday with my niece, her Hot Boyfriend, and my brother. Went next door to Waterloo Records afterward and bought my They Might Be Giants ticket for the October show. Thursday I saw Pacific Rim with [personal profile] dremiel and OMG it's amazing. I really want to see it in IMAX now. Had dinner tonight with L & J. Got many random fun cards and some nice prezzies.

I also got into FenCon as a dealer this year!

Tomorrow I'm helping my friend Karen move and then into the workshop I go. I have a Steampunk Gathering on Tuesday and I need to add to my inventory. Plus, it's good therapy to make things., it's just as well I backed out of the house deal, huh.


Jul. 7th, 2013 10:19 pm
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 They have my option and earnest money checks. Money has been transferred around to cover said checks. 401(K) has been contacted for loan. Sister-in-law has offered to help out. 

Inspection is Wednesday; it will either be a great birthday present or a good reason to open my bottle of birthday wine.

Maybe both.


Jun. 10th, 2013 09:07 pm
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It's Monday and I'm already so over this week.

For the third time, I lost out on a house I liked (and I REALLY liked this one) to an all-cash offer. This is getting really old.

I just got a letter from the Dealer Coordinator for WorldCon*. Guess what? If I want electricity for my booth, I'll have to fork out an additional $130. If I had known that when I applied, I probably wouldn't have done so. With that little addition to my expenses, the cost of my ONE TABLE (no skirting, I guess I'm lucky I get a chair) will be almost $500. This is approaching Dragon*Con-like levels of expensive. 

I really want to to do this show. But they seem to be trying to make their money off of the smaller dealers. They've offered the larger vendors a break on their tables, but not us.

* Dated April 26. Six weeks? Has no one heard of email?

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I have seen more houses. I did not get the last house (they had 5 other offers and I guess I wasn't cool enough?), and none of the ones I saw this weekend were The One. Well, one was close...I would rent it but not buy it, if that makes any sense. Plus it is very close to a Seriously Horrible Neighborhood and I'm sorry, I've ridden that pony and it stole my lunch money. Twice.

There is one that is back on the market that I still really like. Kay is going to see if there are any red flags on the inspection (termites, demon portals into Hell) that would keep any sane person from putting in an offer. Because I do really like this one. If I can get it for what I consider a decent price and it does not have any of the aforementioned problems, I may put an offer in on it.

I haz sandals! I have not had sandals in many many many years. I wear orthotics and I had the bad knees, and, you know, reasons. But now I have good knees even though I still wear orthotics, so I got me over to the Local High-End Yes it's European Shoe Store and got fitted out with hand-sewn leather sandals that let me put my orthotics in them and I can walk in them and everything. (This may or may not have been precipitated by a Saturday that was 95F with high humidity and a bunch of smoke in the air blown up from Mexico. I'm just sayin'.) Expensive, yes, but I see wearing them for years. Plus, I can send them in for re-soling,etc. if they wear out. I wore them all day Sunday and my calves had to work a little differently but overall I give them an A.

I shipped everything off to ConQuest and now I'll be heading off to Boston to sell t-shirts at AnimeBoston. I'm going to a Red Sox game on Friday night with a coworker from our Boston office. I've also been talked into selling shirts the weekend after at A-Kon in Dallas. Gotta add funds to the down payment!

End of June is ApolloCon. 4th of July weekend is Anime Overload. August 17-18 is the Austin Craft Riot show. Labor Day weekend is WorldCon. I'm debating doing the Austin PRIDE  Festival that next Saturday. 
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Have had a busy few weeks.

All of the last weekend in April I was outside at the West Austin Studio Tour, with my tent in front of a glassblowers shop. The owners were nice, their work is amazing, and sales were good both days, though Sunday was markedly better. My friend J was in for his Law Fraternity Reunion, and he came and spent a couple of hours with me on Sunday and we had a good talk. I got a bit sunburned, but made the pleasant discovery that I can now tear down a show on my own without feeling utterly wrecked afterward. My trainer and I decided that this means I am just about completely healed from the knee surgeries!

I didn't even unload the car all week, since the next Saturday (this past weekend) was the Violet Crown Spring Festival. My friend L came over and helped me set up (again!), and I was glad she was there, because I discovered I had left my earring rack at home and she could run over and get it for me. Leaving everything in the car had thrown off my checklist; that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :-)

Sales were strong and the weather was great, if a tad breezy. L came back and helped me tear down and we had dinner and then I fell down for 12 hours.

Sunday, I went by Dragon's Lair and made an unexpected wholesale order. Yay more money!

Tuesday after work, I saw more houses. There was one I really, really liked. So, we're putting in an offer today. It's not huge, small yard, new roof and I like the layout and touches they've added (matching ceiling fans, really nice carpet in the bedrooms and wood everywhere else, covered patio in back, etc.).

I'm offering a few thousand above their asking price and I really hope I'm not competing with several cash offers. They're still living in there and I have a very flexible schedule as regard to moving dates, so that may help. Not getting this one will be disappointing but not devastating; I am being very careful not to fall in love with any properties.

This weekend I'm in the workshop, since I have to restock and make things for ConQuesT. And mail art off for it next week.

I'm still working with my trainer 2x week. I've taken off close to 30 lbs of fat, but true to form I've replaced it with 25 lbs of muscle. I'm finally noticing a reduction in my belly! Woo!
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 Ye Gods.

Saturday morning, bright and early, I went to see houses with the Realtor-in-law. Most were OK but nothing special. (There was an amazing one, but between Friday night and 9 am Saturday it had a contract pending, so poo.) One was horrific--seriously, it was That House for the neighborhood--they had bunkbeds built into the garage, gah. 

One was....well, let me explain. 

This one house came up on the MLS, much lower than it should have been listed at. Turns out it's bank-handled, a short sale. I added it to my list of Houses I Want to Look At, because why not?

It's great. Needs a little work, like some carpet ripped up and continuing the concrete staining that was done in the rest of the house, front door is awful, and of course, paint. Yard is just the right size (small) and it makes very good use of the space.

I put in the offer today. It was THAT GOOD OF A DEAL. (RiL called it "smoking".)

However, it's a short sale. Which means we now have to wait and wait on the bank team that is handling this property. Seriously, in the paperwork they used the phrase "hurry up and wait". That's not a problem, since I have to give 60 days notice at the apartment anyway.

I'm still looking, because the Perfect House may still be out there--one I don't have have the garage wired for outlets and overhead lights, for example.


After all that, I went home and assembled jewelry for a while and then went to game, since I won't be able to for 2-3 weeks. Today I Signed All The Papers on the Awesomesauce House and then I was in the workshop for 8 hours. I've eaten, done one load of laundry, and now I'm off to bed.

Here's one of the things I finished today:

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We are good to go. I have been prequalified for a home loan! It took longer than I thought it would because my mortgage person hurt her shoulder and they had her on painkillers for a week, which was not conductive for her to work on my finances. :-)

My Realtor is out of town until early next week, but I'm in no real hurry. I just contemplated my schedule over the next few months in horror:

April 27-28, WEST (West Austin Studio Tour)
May 4 Violet Crown Festival
May 11 (maybe) Austin Flea
Mail off art for ConQuesT by May 14
Memorial Day Weekend: Boston for AnimeBoston
June 21-23: Houston for ApolloCon
July 5-7: Anime Overload
August 17: Austin Craft Riot Summer Show
August 29-September 2: WorldCon in San Antonio

Plus, there is a semi-regular Steampunk gathering that wants me to show, I'm finally getting my etsy shop together... The best time to move will be July/August. In South Texas. Yes, I am hiring movers, though I plan on a packing/painting party--because I'm sure wherever I move will need painting.

How tacky would it be of me to register at Home Depot, etc. for a housewarming?
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 I just faxed MY LIFE off to the mortgage person.
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There must be something in the air.

I'm going to buy a house.

I've talked to a mortgage broker, I have a Realtor (my Amazing Sister-in-Law's sister-in-law; I've known her since high school). I'm sending in all the stuff I need to get pre-qualified this week. I will have to raid my 401(K) and my stocks for the down payment, but I am going for a conventional loan, since I really need a lower monthly payment. It's just me, and the damn cats refuse to pay rent. (No, I will not put myself in a situation where I need to have roommates. I just won't.)

This is scary. I can see 50 from here and I've never owned property. Right now I own a 12-year-old car, an amazing amount of books, an insane amount of t-shirts, and my jewelry workshop. However, the rent situation in Austin has become untenable; I am looking into Round Rock--a suburb to the north--unless the Realtor can pull a miracle out of her ear. (Oh sure, I can live in Austin, if I were willing to move across the county, at least an hour in rush-hour traffic each way every day. No thanks.)

But my credit score is amazing, I owe very little money right now, and damn it, I want a workshop I can wander into at 9am on a Sunday without taking a shower.

Hmmm, I may try crowdfunding the inevitable garage upgrade to a workshop...


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