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Day eleventy-million of rain.

Seriously, we had the wettest June on record, record rainfalls over the 4th of July, and possibly six or seven days, total, since June 21, with "no measurable precipitation", as the weather-monkeys like to say. Monday, we had a 20% chance of rain. We got an inch and a half. *facepalm*

This morning? It's coming down in buckets. The ground is so saturated that even an inch or so of rain is causing flash floods. Thank goodness my apartment is on high ground. I'm really dreading when it does stop and we revert to our normal hot summer weather, because it will be like living in a sauna. A hot, sticky, mosquito-and-roach-infested sauna. Ewww. 

And I like rain. I like rain a lot. I grew up in semi-arid low desert in West Texas, and rain will always seem like a blessing to me, even if there is too much of it. I just wish it would slow down here, or something.

I went to pee in a cup this morning. As long as they aren't testing for dangerously high levels of chocolate, I'll be good to go for my part-time gig. (I haven't worked register retail in a very long time, and never at a big-box store. This one is different, in that everybody works on commission to some extent. Cashiers are paid a base rate + a percentage of what you ring up. And the Sweet Young Thing that interviewed me made a point of telling me to watch out for cashiers cherry-picking the line. I guess they get a percentage of new hires who seem to think they're the first person in the world to think of doing that, but when you interfere with someone else's cash flow...sounds like a self-correcting system to me.) Anyway, training is next week. I have to go buy some "shine-able shoes" and black slacks. It's not what I want to do in my copious "spare time", but it's the only way I'll be able to lever my butt out of debt.

And hey! I fInished the Box From Hell. I will post pictures soon.

ETA: We've had NINE INCHES of rain this month. The last thirty-mumble days have all been below-normal temperature-wise. We had 1.75 inches of rain TODAY. It will keep on raining for at least another week. Please send wacky floatation devices ASAP.
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Last week was sheer hell. 

The week before last was cut short due to the Independance Day holiday. Plus, it was the end of the quarter, and everybody and their pet engineer had a damn rush job. Well, the Flagship Software we produce had last week we not only got the new stuff for that week (and there's always a rush at the beginning of the quarter too, go figure), but also all the stuff we hadn't gotten done the week before. I dimly remember leaving my desk a couple of times during the day. 

I had to miss the birthday lunch my brother had gotten together for me. Class alternated between annoying (I like the concept of filigree but not so much the execution) and frustrating (filigree, again). Missed going to use the workroom on Saturday morning because I was so damn tired I slept until almost noon. Was vaguely bummed out by my birthday, despite the fact that [profile] ltlj made me lovely Buckaroo Banzai icons, [personal profile] lillian78 gave me virtual presents, and [personal profile] killerweasel made an .mp3 of my current favorite song. It's just the week was so horrible, and I always feel kind of melancholy around my birthday anyway.

Plus, I broke my watch. By breaking the resin that holds in the watchband bar. And I loved that watch! No way to repair it, either. 

The week started to look up on Friday...kind of. My friend G took me out to our traditional dinner and a move. We went to the Alamo Drafthouse to finally see Ocean's 13--and that was the only show on six screens that was sold out. So we had Chinese and raced across town to another theatre--which had just changed movies, and gotten rid of Ocean's 13. This, after I had tried to see Ratatouille on the 5th, only to have it sold out. So we went to Garden Ridge and mocked the merchandise (they already have Halloween yard decorations and inflatibles up and were starting on Christmas as well). I found a glass for five cents, though!

Saturday I delivered some necklaces to Dragon's Lair (a comics and game shop), and returned some graphic novels for credit--a clumping great lot of credit! I bought some board games and a few early presents and scampered off with both the check for the necklaces and my gift certificate clutched to my bosom. (Money makes me happy.) Then I had dinner with J&L, two of my oldest friends, and we went to Half Price Books afterwards. I glommed some more Farscape DVDs and the second season of Bullsh*t with Penn & Teller...Sunday was dinner with the fam--hey, let's see a movie, sez  my brother. He goes to buy tickets to the new Harry Potter at the IMAX guessed it, sold out. Then it was, hey, let's get a movie on cable...The Prestige! yay!  ...the sound was screwed up. Now I'm afraid to try to see another movie, as the effects appear to be escalating. If you hear of a theater fire in Austin, you'll know who to blame...
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So last night I'm at Barnes & Noble, picking up [profile] ltlj's Stargate: Atlantis novel Entanglement that I'd ordered last week. Wander over to the Young Adult section. There, on an endcap, are four copies of Fat White Vampire Blues. Excellent novel, just not what I'd consider "teen" fare. So, in order to keep the writer from being lynched by a bunch of outraged suburbanites, I let one of the employees know. 

Me: Sir, I'm probably the last person who would normally be bringing this up...I mean, it's a great book, and I'm amazed you have four copies, but I just don't see Fat White Vampire Blues as a young adult novel.
B&N: (Spots cover from an aisle away. blanches.) Oh. (scans book, looks annoyed, takes them over to SF.) Thanks, ma'am!'s not a large store; one of the smaller B&N's I shop in. No one "noticed" anything until I pointed it out. Must be nice to be selectively blind. When I worked in bookstores, I never was. (I only rearranged one author by series last night. Tanya Huff, in case you were wondering.)

And today I heard the Pogues. On TV. Being used in a Cadillac commercial. It is truly the end times.
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Best reaction to proselytizing here!

Great resource to track back frequent spam callers.

We had our Fire Warden Meeting. Not impressed. They rearranged the "meet-up areas" (without emailing anyone) and now we're supposed to put over 150 people in a part of the parking garage that will be mostly taken up with cars. Riiiiight. When I asked about tornadoes (much more likely), I was told we'd "get instructions over the intercom". Is this the intercom that is completely unintelligible? Um, right. Well, at least everyone on my floor will get out. (grins)

And now I have training this afternoon. She seems like a nice girl, but they are now hiring people that are, literally, young enough to be my legitimate (non-jailbait) kids. Were we ever supposed to get this old?


Jun. 12th, 2007 07:37 am
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At work, but only faking the awake part.

I tried! I went to bed before 11, but couldn't fall asleep until after midnight. 6:15 came along way too early.  Six more weeks of this... hopefully I won't fall asleep on [personal profile] dremieland Trag tomorrow as we watch Robin Hood. Hopefully I won't fall asleep on my FrameMaker students today. Or while I'm working on documentation. Or during the Fire Warden meeting this morning. 

Yes, once again I have Volunteered. I am the backup Fire Warden for my floor. I am supposed to  help make sure everybody gets out during an emergency (fire, tornado, Godzilla attack). Maybe I should ask if I should bring in a baseball bat? I work in a very geeky engineering firm and I can see having to roust certain people out of their cubes. Hmmmm.

I wish caffeine worked on me.


Jun. 10th, 2007 11:21 am
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Weekends are so weird.

Yesterday I was planning on getting up pretty early to get everything taken care of before it got to disgusting (read: hot, humid) outside.

So, of course I slept until 10am.

But, I did get the car inspected/oil changed, picked up the new water intake valve for the washer, grocery shopped, got my head sheared for the summer, and replaced three tires on my car with ones from my nephews car. (Brother bought car for nephew and immediately replaced the tires--probably a good thing for a 16-year-old driver--and they are the same size as mine, so I took advantage and replaced the 2 really bad and 1 kinda bad tires on the car. $50. Score!)

When I say head sheared, I'm pretty serious. My hair wasn't very long before, but it's very very thick, so in the summer it can be really hot unless I cut it very short. I may have finally found a stylist who listens to me, and now my hair is about 1.5 - 2 inches long all over. Bliss!

Today, I was planning to vacuum, get my buddy Trag over to help me fix the washer, do laundry, and run over to the Campbell-Newman estate sale half-off day with my freelance writer!friend. Said friend just called me up and said, "I'm all anemic! Can we get a burger before we go to the sale?" So now I'm about to hop into the shower in order to eat and look at other people's stuff. Trag called and we'll work on the washer tomorrow, so I just need to do laundry and cook meat for the week, and I'm good.

Tomorrow I order the silver for my Big Class Project: after revisions, it will cost me ~$150. Oh well, I've been saving money in the business account for this.
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We get these...lulls in the workflow at my job. Nothing, and I mean nothing, happens for a couple of days. And then, of course, teh taps get turned on full-force. So I'm wasting my degree and (mumble) years experience surfing the net. Go me.*

Speaking of taps, my stupid washing machine has a drip, from the whatever-you-call-the spot where the water pours into the tub. Pretty steady one, too--after 24 hours there is about 4 inches of water in the machine, which I've been running on a spin cycle once a day to keep it from going bad. I turned the water off at the taps this morning, but I'm trying to figure out if this is something I can fix (or talk my nephew into fixing) or if I need to call a repair guy.

This is my second week of Getting Into Work Too Goddamned Early in the Name of Art. I hate getting up before 7 a.m. on a regular basis; the job where I got the most and best sleep and was physically happiest was when I worked second shift (3-11 pm). I've made the cardboard model of my main project and bought the copper to do the mockup with--if the prof approves, I'll order silver tomorrow. Probably about $100 worth, if I go with a heavy gage. Luckily I have all the supplies I need for my other projects, and I'll try to post pictures here as I remember to.

The lower-carb thing is sucking less. I may be getting used to it. (shudder)

Some silliness for y'all:
"Graying Duo Keep Passenger in Check"

And, in case you haven't been spammed with these, two of my favorite time wasters.

* Actually I'm wasting my degree in the job, period. I never thought I'd wind up--barring a few technological advances--essentially doing the exact same job my mother did. *sigh* Definitely not what I went to college for.

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After last weekend, I now have absolutely NO interest in EVER acquiring a tattoo.

On the way home, I did get some shopping done at the outlet mall.  Couple pairs of new, suitable-for-work shorts, couple tops, some kitchen stuff. 

Next week? North Texas Irish Festival! If you're in Dallas, come see me! (And this will be my 4th show in 5 weeks working for Mr. Pegasus. No wonder I'm tired and cranky...)


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