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Jan. 7th, 2015 05:26 pm
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 Home again, with an ice pack and the Good Cupcakes from the Good Bakery. Plus a chocolate croissant.

The procedure went well; everyone was very nice and willing to explain things to me. It was kind of cool to see the needle go into the lymph note in the ultrasound. They took 3 samples and then put in a little titanium tissue tag to mark it in case they need to come back in. 

Then I got a bonus mammogram, but it was not nearly as harsh as my usual ones. They needed to check the location of the tissue tag. 

One of the techs mentioned that I was one of the nicest patients they'd had! I explained to her that I COULD be a raving bitch, but I preferred to save it for when I actually needed it. :-)

I went over to [personal profile] dremiel 's house and met the new cat, and then we went to lunch at the Frisco. I ran errands for a couple of hours since it will be wet and cold this weekend instead of just cold and windy, and bought the Good Cupcakes. I may or may not cook tonight. Pizza may be in my future.

Now I wait, and ice my boob. And catch up on my shows. (Person of Interest, why did you feel the need to gut me?)


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